Family Clinic

“The Family Clinic”August Sunday Series

In a culture doing its best to redefine family, it is important to go back to the beginning. God created family as the building block of society and culture. He created family before he created a nation or a church.
Currently we live in a dysfunctional world of rebellion and brokenness. The pain and hurt that many families have experienced make many wonder if the original design has been lost forever.
Here at REVIVE, we want to offer help, hope and healing to families, moms and dads, single parents, children and teenagers. There is life in the Word of God, healing in His Presence, and a new beginning for any who will walk into God’s grace and forgiveness. Whether you are yet to form your family, are busy raising your children, or wishing you could spend more time with your grandchildren, God has a purpose for you and your loved ones. Join us in August for “The Family Clinic”, and let the great physician and family Dr. Jesus heal hearts and restore hope.
Pastor Myles Holmes


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