Month: July 2016

New books coming!

My next two books should be available by for purchase in five or six days. “The Champion’s Choice; Understanding Christianity” is a primer on the Christian faith, wonderful for new converts and young Christians. The next book “The Champion Life; Improving Your Way to Success”, is disguised as a self-help, motivational success book, but is actually deeply spiritual and will bring people to Christ!😃❤️💥⚡️🌟Pray for their wide distribution.Pastor Myles Holmes REVIVE

The Believer’s Creed

I wrote this more than 20 years ago, we declare it together as a church on Sunday mornings.KNOW what & WHO you believe in! ❤️

“I am a believer.
I believe in Almighty God the Father, the Creator of all there is. I believe in Jesus Christ the Lord, God’s only Son, born of a virgin womb. I believe Christ died for me, returned to life, rose to Heaven and is coming back to earth again. I believe in the Holy Spirit and His power to help me be like Christ and do His work. I believe the Bible, God’s Holy Word and all His promises to me of abundant and eternal life. I believe in the church, God’s Forever Family. I am the righteousness of God in Christ, because I am washed in the blood of the Lamb, filled with His Spirit, happy, holy, forgiven and free. 
I am greatly blessed, highly favored and deeply loved.     

I am a believer.”
Pastor Myles Holmes,   

My next book!

Excited about the release of my next book, should be available for purchase within a couple of weeks. It’s called “The Champion’s Choice; Understanding Christianity.”
It is simple, basic truth of the heart of our Faith, something so desperately needed in America today, as the average person no longer has this understanding.

Pastor Myles Holmes REVIVE

Is this a joke?

Hilarious! 😃
Until you think about it, then you may want to cry.

Studying for my upcoming US citizenship exam, I’m happy to report that I have consistently got 100% correct on the 100 potential questions.

 One question however, stopped me dead in my tracks.

(4 possible correct answers)

1) Everyone must follow the law.
2) Leaders must obey the law.

3) Government must obey the law.

4) No one is above the law.

Oh, really, now?
If only this were actually followed in America, by our president, by Hillary Clinton, by so many other lawbreakers, crooks & criminals in high places.

Pastor Myles Holmes REVIVE

What’s wrong with this Pic?

Smarten up, Pastor!This pic was posted this morning on a very popular ministry blog, in relation to pastoral counseling and comforting. Can any of you see what is wrong, unhealthy and dangerous about this picture?

This pastor, and this woman, are asking for Trouble with a capital T!
(In full disclosure, I am not a cold iceberg, I am caring & compassionate, and I am not afraid… Having a very strong and publicly affectionate marriage helps… at times I may hug or hold a woman who is weeping inconsolably, -grief/sorrow/tragedy – but that is only, and I repeat ONLY, in the presence of my wife or several other women.
If that ever happens in private, my wife has my permission to shoot me on the spot. 😃)

Pastor Myles Holmes REVIVE