The Believer’s Creed

I wrote this more than 20 years ago, we declare it together as a church on Sunday mornings.KNOW what & WHO you believe in! ❤️

“I am a believer.
I believe in Almighty God the Father, the Creator of all there is. I believe in Jesus Christ the Lord, God’s only Son, born of a virgin womb. I believe Christ died for me, returned to life, rose to Heaven and is coming back to earth again. I believe in the Holy Spirit and His power to help me be like Christ and do His work. I believe the Bible, God’s Holy Word and all His promises to me of abundant and eternal life. I believe in the church, God’s Forever Family. I am the righteousness of God in Christ, because I am washed in the blood of the Lamb, filled with His Spirit, happy, holy, forgiven and free. 
I am greatly blessed, highly favored and deeply loved.     

I am a believer.”
Pastor Myles Holmes,   


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