Day 22

Month of Miracles & Summer Season of Signs & Wonders!

If we truly want to eliminate every roadblock to the miraculous in our lives, we have to consider the state of our marriage. God specifically says that our prayers are hindered when husbands and wives are not honoring each other.
Strife in a home and a marriage will shut down blessings from Heaven.

Do we really expect God to answer our prayers when we can barely speak to one another and hardly stand to be in the same room together?

1 Peter 3:7 says no, our prayers are hindered.

God expects our Christian marriages to be examples to this world of the love between Christ and His church. As we work on that, we can expect God to begin to answer our prayers and pour out blessing.

Where there is unity, there God will COMMAND the Blessing!

And really, it is a lot more fun, too! 😃❤️

Praying for your marriage!

Pastor Myles Holmes REVIVE


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