Month: June 2016

Day 30

Month of Miracles &
Summer Season of Signs & Wonders!

Time for Breaking!

Pastor Myles Holmes REVIVE ​

​(7.25 Video)

Speak up!

“Silence on political & moral issues in the pulpit is the worst kind of negligence & spiritual treason. The whole counsel of God is not your personal choice buffet. A generation in darkness demands the Light of Truth.”Pastor Myles Holmes REVIVE

Day 29

Month of Miracles &
Summer Season of Signs & Wonders!

One of the greatest hindrances to our faith in believing for miracles, is the tendency to listen to the lies of the enemy when he keeps reminding us that we do not deserve God’s blessing. 
Remember that satan is the father of lies, and if he ever tells the truth, it’s for the purpose of deceiving and robbing you, destroying and killing your blessing. The truth is, none of us deserve 1 millisecond of God’s attention. But His Love has purchased us. His Blood has redeemed us. God does not love us because we deserve it or are worthy, we are made worthy because He loves us.
It is God’s character to love and forgive and bless us, as we stay humble, repentant and full of faith. 

Any blessing you have received so far, is because of His grace and mercy, and that will only continue. Now tell the devil he is a liar, and begin to receive your miracle.
Pastor Myles Holmes REVIVE

Day 28

Month of Miracles &

Summer Season of Signs & Wonders!

Persist in Prayer!
Pray without ceasing.

Don’t give up, pray through.


Pray Until Something Happens

I like the way D L Moody stated it. “Some people think God does not like to be troubled with our constant coming and asking. The way to trouble God is not to come at all.”

I shudder to think of how many miracles may have been missed, how many blessings have been bypassed, how many anointings have been annulled, simply because there was no persistence in prayer.
Jesus told us to keep on praying for His Will to be done, and His Kingdom to come.
Don’t stop praying, don’t stop believing!

Pastor Myles Holmes REVIVE