Month: May 2016

Oh, for a leader this this!

Listen in on George Washington praying…

“Increase my faith in the sweet promises of the gospel; give me repentance from dead works; pardon my wanderings, and direct my thoughts unto thyself, the God of my salvation; teach me how to live in thy fear, labor in thy service, and ever to run in the ways of thy commandments; make me always watchful over my heart, that neither the terrors of conscience, the loathing of holy duties, the love of sin, nor an unwillingness to depart this life, may cast me into a spiritual slumber, but daily frame me more and more into the likeness of thy son Jesus Christ, that living in thy fear, and dying in thy favor, I may in thy appointed time attain the resurrection of the just unto eternal life. Bless my family, friends, and kindred.”President George Washington’s     Personal Prayer Journal


“To claim to be a lover of God, a follower of Christ, a sincere disciple, and at the same time to have church attendance and fellowship with other believers as a very low priority is questionable to say the least.
 Jesus said He would be in the midst of wherever we are gathered in His Name, let’s meet with Him tomorrow.”

Pastor Myles Holmes REVIVE


What if the Bible is true?

What if Jesus did actually die for your sins and rise again from death?

What if He really does offer a new life, a new beginning, forgiveness and eternal life?

What if there really is light in the midst of this dark world, and hope in the midst of all the confusion?

You will not find these answers in a bar, at the library, at a restaurant, or at a ballgame, you will find these answers in a Bible believing church. Come on, you are more than welcome. ❤️
Pastor Myles Holmes REVIVE

Laugh and Learn! 😃

My Tennis Coach, a little humor & some Life Lessons!

“My over 70-year-old tennis coach is fit, focused and funny.

Me- Hey, my grip is starting to fall apart.
Coach- Just grab some tape at Walmart, we are at the Walmart level of sporting goods stores right now. 😃 LOL

… A moment later…

Me- And my racket, is it OK, should I get a better one?
Coach- Your racket is fine, listen, it’s never about the racket, remember that, never is it about the racket. LOL 😃

Wow, that’ll preach. 
We want to blame our tools, the equipment, the environment, the economy, the gov’t, his or her fault, or our backgrounds, our family, some people blame God or the people around them, the weather, the culture, on and on, blame, blame, blame. 

‘Remember, it’s not about the racket.’

It IS about my dedication, determination, & discipline to develop the dexterity demanded to deliver the dream.”
Pastor Myles Holmes REVIVE

Memorial Day

We honor all our service members and all sacrifices made for freedom.

On this Memorial Day weekend here in the USA, I want to take a moment to honor my son Zack Holmes and his service with the Royal Canadian Air Force now, and his previous service in Afghanistan with the PPCLI. 
There he lost friends very close to him in the war. 

Never forgotten, these men are heroes who live on in our hearts and our memories. Praying today for their families and friends.
Pastor Myles Holmes REVIVE

Deeper Compromise 😞

So finished with “Christianity Today” magazine and online. Their latest controversial post suggests that the “Christian” thing to do is to bake not one but TWO cakes for a homo-sex wedding. (Because Jesus told us to go the extra mile) ? 😞 Sad, spineless compromise. Nothing scriptural or logical or Christian about it.

Pastor Myles Holmes