Month: April 2016

My 54th BDay 😃

READ the scriptures I found! 

Today is my 54th birthday. 🙂

 I’m a blessed and happy man. I have a loving wife and five wonderful adult children who love and serve God, and so far, one brilliant and handsome grandson.

For the last 30 years or so, I have made it a tradition on my birthday, to look through the Word of God on the corresponding chapter and verse of the year I’m celebrating. I look for things that might motivate, inspire or encourage me or perhaps be a bit of a theme for the year ahead of me for life and ministry. 

Check what I just found.

*Deut. 5:4 The Lord talks to you face-to-face on the mountain from the midst of the fire. 

*1 Sam. 5:4 Dagon, the false god/idol falls on its face before the Ark of the Lord.

*2Kings 5:4 The Lord gives rest on every side, no enemy or evil can touch me.

*Amos 5:4 Seek me and live!

*Luke 5:4 Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch!

*1 Peter 5:4 When the Chief Shepherd appears, I will receive an an unfading crown of glory.

*1 John 5:4 This is the victory that overcomes the world, our faith.
Wow! I can live and proceed on these. The presence & the power of God, destroying false gods and idols, God giving me rest & protection, seeking Him and living life to the full, launching out into the deep for a great harvest of souls and ministry, looking forward to my eternal reward when I see Him, and overcoming everything by faith in the Living Word of God. Let’s go 54, this is going to be great.! 😃❤️

PastorMyles Holmess REVIVE

Can We Pray for Your Kids?

2 things I know about you…

-you love your kids

-you believe in the power of prayer 

We would be honored to pray for your children and grandchildren this Sunday and throughout the month of May. 

Valerie and I have 5 adult children all serving and loving God, we desire that some blessing in your family!Send us your child’s (or grandkids, cousins, nieces, nephews, siblings etc) first names and city or country, and we will nail them to the cross this Sunday morning. We will be praying three simple but powerful prophetic words over their lives…


*The Fear of God

*The Favor of God

Watch this 4 min. video for more information, but do not forget to email

Pastor Myles Holmes REVIVE

“Target” – Target! Goodbye!

Say goodbye to Target, boycott is approaching 1 million! Come on, let’s make it 10 million. 

Of course, they have every right to be as immoral, unnatural, wicked, and unBiblical as they want to be. And they are free to promote that ungodliness and sexual deviancy. But I have every right to say I want no part of it and I take my business elsewhere.

Pastor Myles Holmes REVIVE

Investigation Underway!

Church Internal Affairs Investigations
“Will my church tell me the truth?”
This has become much more simple these days, and does not even require special or professional assistance. Simply find out if they will tell you the truth about homosex and LGBT agenda, and the threat of Islamic deception, jihad & sharia law. If they will not tell the truth on these important issues, you can be certain they are also lying to you about almost everything else.
Truth Detective (and direct descendant of Sherlock 😃)
Pastor Myles Holmes REVIVE

Truth & Compassion

“In all of our insistence of right over wrong, good over evil, and common sense over compromise, in all of our bold prophetic rebuke of political correctness and twisted immoral conduct, (I am happy to be in the front of that parade) we will be wise to remember that broken people have been broken by someone or something. We can stand for truth and compassion too! There are some wounds, hurt, abuse and neglect that cut so deep only Jesus can reach and heal. Jesus is right for whatever’s wrong in your life.”

Pastor Myles Holmes REVIVE

Happy BDay, Your Majesty!

 Happy 90th birthday to Queen Elizabeth II today….

A woman of beauty, grace, dignity, class, duty and steadfastness… In a changing world of confusing morals and societal collapse, she has remained a stalwart example of tradition and morality. 

Although I will soon become a US citizen, and no longer a subject of the Commonwealth, she will always be queen in my heart.

I am most grateful for her unwavering, solid and consistent Christian testimony, a genuine faithfulness to the Word of God and a strong witness to the power of Christ and the Gospel.

Birthday blessings your majesty!

Pastor Myles Holmes REVIVE 

Trump! Pay attention!

TRUMP, You are dead wrong on the trans-confused, LGBT, bathrooms and NC.

You are alienating your conservative/evangelical support.

Pandering to perverts is predictable political correctness, what you promise to be protesting!

 Get yourself some wise, strong, moral, Biblical counsel. Start correcting this grievous error if you expect any support from clear-thinkers!

Pastor Myles Holmes REVIVE