Month: December 2015

Praying for the lost during a service

(Binding & Loosing/Releasing)
How to pray in a service, during the presentation of the Gospel & during appeal/Altar Call.
Preaching for souls is intensive spiritual warfare, and it only increases and multiplies leading up to and including the appeal and altar call.

Bind the enemy’s power.
Loose the anointing of the Spirit upon the speaker.

Bind the spirit of distraction in thoughts & environment.
Loose attentiveness, conviction & brokenness within the hearers.

Bind the condemnation of the enemy.
Loose the awareness of God’s love & mercy.

Bind all lying, distorting, deceiving spirits.
Loose God’s Spirit of Truth, Light & Revelation.

Bind all pride, arrogance & self-righteousness.
Loose a spirit of humility and repentance.

Bind all spirits of religious blindness & tradition.
Loose an openness to new Divine direction.

Bind demonic forces of confusion & dimness of mind, dullness of heart.
Loose a spirit of clarity, insight, understanding & wisdom.

Bind any atmosphere or influence of darkness & defeat.
Loose the Presence of the Holy Spirit to win victories in hearts of sinners.

Bind everything that hinders the release of the miraculous.
Loose the Power of God to heal, deliver and restore.
Pastor Myles Holmes REVIVE

Holiday Humor & Sad Story

SAD, STRANGE, Untrue Email from One of My 5 Kids. 😞
(CHRISTmas & Birthdays…)

One of my children, so brilliant, and intellectually superior to many other people just sent me an email.

In this email my child expressed great and undying love toward me. They told me they loved me as a father, as a man, and as their best friend, and will never stop loving me.

But they said due to their recent research and study, they will no longer be celebrating my birthday in any fashion.
They found out that many cultures do not celebrate birthdays.
They also discovered that at many birthday parties, there is drunkenness, debauchery, and very unrighteous behavior.
They said they personally know many people who celebrate birthdays insincerely and very hypocritically.
They also discovered that celebrating birthdays is a relatively modern concept, and that for many generations across the world people did not really spend a lot of time celebrating their dad’s birthdays.
They also added that it is really a money making scheme, the birthday card greeting companies, the gift companies, the businesses that make wrapping paper, it really is just a commercialization of love. “Birthdays have been too commercialized”, they wrote.
They were also upset to learn that pagans once did some very pagan things around births and birthdays.

For these reasons, they said they will be no longer celebrating that day as special, or giving me a gift or a card, or coming to any party. I was sad. But this child is so bright, so intellectually honest, and so much smarter than many other kids, I guess this is the way it should be. 😞

OK, none of that happened thankfully. But that story makes about as much sense as those who refuse to celebrate the birthday of Christ for any of a multitude of reasons.

Once again this year I say, Deck the Halls! & get out of my way, Scrooges and Grinches, or I’ll run you over in my one horse open sleigh. “Joy to the world the LORD has come.”
Pastor Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE