Month: September 2015

Why Do We Resist Change? (FREE excerpt from my book)


WHY DO WE RESIST CHANGE?  (from chapter 12)

We resist change because it threatens our sense of security and our comfort level. We resist change out of reverence for a particular tradition that we have misinterpreted and mislabeled as “holy”. We resist change because it may mean we lose  control, power and  position. We resist change because of human pride.

We tend to only really love change if it’s MY idea. Finally, we resist change because it affects personal identity.

The stark choice could not be clearer. You will either be a Champion of Change or a Child of Chance! In order to embrace the change that is required to grow, you might want to use my ‘Change Challenge.’

  • CHECK for the positive in every experience.
  • CHART a different course of reacting.
  • CHOOSE an attitude of faith.
  • CHANNEL your negative response into positive action.
  • CHAIN yourself to God’s unfaltering, unfailing, unchanging Word.
(excerpt from chapter 12, ‘FASTING FOR BREAKTHROUGH’ by Myles Holmes, now available at for $9)