Month: August 2015

Immigration, Racism, Street Violence & the Church & a Personal Challenge

Read very carefully…

I support our police officers.

I am against illegal immigration.

I support stopping all Islamic immigration.

I am a legal immigrant, applying for US citizenship this fall.

With all that in consideration, let me once again state clearly that the violence on our streets, only minutes from where I live and pastor, is not spontaneous or justified. The violence on our streets is concocted, contrived, manufactured and motivated not one bit by racism, but by political maneuvering, by anarchy, rebellion, lack of submission to authority, the breakdown of the family and sin. Unless we have a national, supernatural revival, this will only get worse.

Understand, that I speak in churches of all complexions, all shades and no shades. I pastor a wonderful church with a growing racial diversity, and a racially diverse staff, by choice and design.

Now to the meat. This is what I share in every church I minister in.

Imagine your church doubles in the next six months. Imagine those new folk were all a different skin color than you, and this  makes you unhappy or uncomfortable. Then, my friend, you are a racist, and your first 100 years in Heaven, IF you get there, will be embarrassingly difficult for you!

Good news! You can repent, and get a new loving heart! ❤

Pastor Myles Holmes, REVIVE

T D Jakes “Evolving”, selling his soul & the Word of God for the approval of man

Sad news, heartbreaking to see an internationally known preacher going soft on sin, waffling on Scripture, and compromising on morality. And yes, I have seen his rebuttal, trying to explain this away. It is not possible. He said what he said, and it can’t be unsaid. The Word of God does not “evolve”, it is forever settled in Heaven. The True Church is being revealed, and the compromising backsliders are being exposed. As sad as this is, it really is not surprising, considering Jake’s very vocal support of Obama. It’s time to get out of these soft, wayward churches, time to stop supporting these politically correct preachers, and get yourself under the spiritual covering of someone who stands for the Word, and will care for your soul, not your offering!
Pastor Myles Holmes, REVIVE

“Pulpits Aflame” – Video from REVIVE & Pastor Myles Holmes


“Pray for the pastors and Spiritual leaders of America, Canada and your nation. Ask God to give them the boldness to proclaim His truth to this generation. Pray that the pulpits of the nation will once again “flame with righteousness.” Dr. Eddie Hyatt