Month: July 2015

The Conquering Christ – Video- from REVIVE

Video from REVIVE & Pastor Myles Holmes
1) Jesus is Coming
2) Jesus is Constructing His Church
3) Jesus is Committed to Your Victory
4) Jesus is Completely Sanctifying You
5) Jesus is Calling Your Name

Pain & the seared conscience of a nation…


Injury, pain, and the seared conscience of a nation.

Last Monday morning at 8 AM I severely smashed my elbow and found out that it’s not a funny bone. Excruciating pain threw me to my knees, made me nauseous, actually put tears to my eyes. It was several moments before I could gain my composure and get on my feet and walk around. The pain was unbearable for 20 minutes or so. Eventually the pain left completely. My right arm from my elbow to the end of my little pinky became absolutely numb for many hours, and a week later I still have no feeling in my little finger.

All this reminds me of the pain, the wounding and the cost of sin. Sin hurts, it costs, it is painful. But if something is constantly injured, repeatedly damaged, or hurt severely enough, sensation can be lost. My right arm is fully functional at complete strength, but has no sensation in the bottom of my hand. This is America. Wounded so severely by sin and disobedience to God’s Word, now the conscience of a nation is seared, they are “past feeling”, unaware of right or wrong, good or evil.

This is spiritual leprosy and is so very deceptive, dangerous and demonic. Pain is a gift, its absence leaves us exposed. Conscience is God’s Voice, we must begin to listen!
Pastor Myles Holmes REVIVE

Excuse me… you are NOT God.

You are not God. Your need to be in control, to be everywhere & to know everything is showing your self-deception. Even attempting to give the illusion of Omnipotence, Omnipresence & Omniscience is supremely arrogant. Let me help you take a load off…. Let God be God, without your interference, and you will finally begin to experience His Presence and enjoy this life He has given you. Come on, let go… He can handle it all…
Pastor Myles Holmes REVIVE

How’s your voice?

Sissified preachers must be great dancers, I am sure, because they can dance, spin, twirl, pirouhette and leap all around the Truth and never touch it!
I remember, all of the old preachers I grew up with, including my grampa and my dad, always had a bit of gravel in their voice, a bit of a rasp, no high-pitch ‘ apologetic whine, but an authority mixed with a bit of gravel, not anger or hatefulness, but a passion that came from a deep place. I did not realize it then, but now I know that it was from years of hard preaching and decades of crying out to God in intercession. I am humbly grateful to report that at 53, there is now a bit of gravel in my voice. 🙂

Pastor Myles Holmes, REVIVE

Insane negotiations!


Negotiating with Iran. THINK about it.
This is equivalent to knowing that your neighbor is a confirmed and consistent rapist, child molester, and mass murderer, and they promise they will continue to do their best to kill you, your family, and your best friends. BUT, they need a higher credit limit at the bank, in order to buy bigger, better weapons to administer mayhem in the neighborhood. So, they have invited you over to talk at the kitchen table, seeing if you would be interested in co-signing on their loan.

Now, if you have 2 clues as to what America is doing at this very moment, you know that I have PRECISELY explained the insanity!

Pastor Myles Holmes, REVIVE