Month: April 2015

Happy Birthday to me!


53 today and what a blessed journey I am on. To whom much is given, much is required! Oh, LORD, help me be faithful! Married to the girl of my dreams, spending another day on Clearwater Beach with her, heading back tomorrow to the great church I have the honor of serving, loving my 5 kids, and in-loves (in-laws) and grandson, and working on some new, exciting visions and dreams! Life is better than good, and only getting better!

Every year for decades now, I have searched every single book of the Bible on my birthday, to grab some inspiration from the corresponding chapter and verse.

This is what I found on my search today.

Psalm 5:3 “My voice you shall hear in the morning.” Morning PRAYER the highest priority  of my day.

Matthew 5:3 ” Blessed are the poor in spirit, theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.”  Stay HUMBLE!

1 Peter 5:3 “Be an example to the flock.”  ‘NUFF said.

1 John 5:3 “This is the love of God…keep His commandments…they are not burdensome.”  DO what He says!

Genesis 5:3  “…Adam lived 130 years and…”  🙂  Eat right, think right, laugh lots, move and exercise, live LONG!

Thank you for all your warm, inspiring, prophetic, motivational, loving and encouraging BDay greetings.

May we all continue to walk in the SONshine of God’s Presence, Power and Favor!

Pastor Myles Holmes, REVIVE

100 years later… Armenian Genocide… What’s Changed?


1.5 million Christians slaughtered by Turkish muslims.
The Armenian Genocide began 100 years ago today.
We remember…
What has changed?
Not much…
The maniacal, demonic, jihadist/islamic slaughter of Christians continues unabated. The ho-hum, “so-what, nothing-to-see-here” attitude of western leaders continues.
The denial, non-response of most of the media continues, just as it did in 1915.
The apologists for “peaceful” islam are still squawking their nonsense.
The silence of most churches and pulpits is deafening, as it was in 1915.
The only thing that has changed is our instant access to information. The world now knows in minutes, our smartphones carry the images of the beheadings and slaughter, whereas it took months for anyone to learn of these atrocities back then.
Only time will tell if we are smarter than our phones, decide to wake up, and fight back.
We are in critical need of some strong and courageous leaders!
Pastor Myles Holmes, REVIVE

Know Your Role


Know Your Task.

Worship Team… it is not to perform, entertain, demonstrate skill, play professionally, get through a cool song list, or just wing it. Your task is to be completely overwhelmed in your personal life with a passion for the Presence of God, be saturated in His Love, be so full of a spirit of worship, morning, noon and night, be so prayerfully consumed with the Word of God in your devotional life, be so in tune with the Holy Spirit because you have spent so much time with Him during the week,… that when you pick up a mic, or a guitar or a drum stick or touch a keyboard, everything you do for the next 30 min or so will an explosion of the Anointing, an explosion of the spirit of worship that is your LIFE, and that you have been living in, and everybody in the room is caught up in this Spirit-filled experience!

Ushers and greeters… it is not to hand out bulletins, point out the kids ministry, and identify the restrooms and get people seated. ( Do all of that, but it is not your task.) It is to make everybody, (the family you know and the nervous first-time visitor) feel so welcomed, so warmly and sweetly greeted that no matter what kind of week they have had, they will suddenly feel some hope arising, “This may be good.” , before they ever get seated. They need to know they are important, valuable and welcomed. That is your task.

Preacher… your task is not to inform, entertain, impress, motivate or show how smart, cool or opinionated you are. Your task is not to yell at people and shout conviction into their wicked hearts. Your task is not to embarrass and scare people into never coming back to church again. Your task is to be so full of the Word and Prayer, so full of the Holy Spirit and the Fruit of the Spirit, that every time you teach or preach or counsel or pray or share chicken wings with a deacon, you exude the very Presence of the Living Christ!

We must occupy, we must know our roles, finish our tasks… not one of us have arrived, including this preacher, but we press on!

Anything you can add to my list?

Ministry in Florida


Valerie and I will be in Tampa, FL for a week beginning tomorrow. Sunday morning we will be ministering at GREAT LIFE CHURCH in Brooksviile with Pastor Stephen Bilsborough . Check out this growing, dynamic, LIFE-giving church! That is about an hr north of Tampa. Love to see you there. We have Sunday night and midweek available for ministry in the Tampa region.
PM if you are interested.

Earth Day?


Earth Day is mostly a crock… a crockpot stewed full of deception, lies, distortion, misinformation and pagan worship.
The planet is not overpopulated, never has been. There is more standing forest in America today with more deer in those trees than there was in 1900. There are more polar bears in the Arctic than there were in 1950.

I know, the truth is so confusing, isn’t it? 🙂

Stop hugging trees and start hugging people. Stop worshipping the planet ( Gaia paganism) and worship the Creator, Almighty God. Treat nature kindly, it is a gift of God, but do not get swallowed up in the hysteria of politically motivated agendas that seek to empower big government .

Plant a garden because it’s good for you, not because you have been false manipulated and guilted into doing it.
Pastor Myles Holmes, REVIVE

Preachers & Integrity


Preachers & Integrity
“You must take great care that your personal, private character agrees in all respects with your public ministry. There was once a minister who preached so well and lived so badly, that when he was in the pulpit everybody said he ought never to come out; when he was out of it, they all declared he ought never to enter it again”
Charles Spurgeon

Nearing the end? Certainly appears so, and Michele Bachmann agrees.


Former Senator Michele Bachmann
“We need to realize how close this clock is to getting towards the midnight hour. It’s just like the Bible forewarned: in the last days it will be like the beginning of birth pangs. In my opinion, we are far beyond the beginning of birth pangs. We’re moving far down into the process. For women, you know what I’m talking about. What it’s like to deliver a baby at the very beginning stages and then at the very end before the baby is born. All I can tell you as a mom who has given birth to five babies, the birth pangs are very close together, they are very intense now and we are literally watching month by month the speed move up to a level we’ve never seen before with these events. Barack Obama is intent, it is his number one goal, to ensure that Iran has a nuclear weapon. Why? Why would you put the nuclear weapon in the hands of mad men?”

Supreme Court is Not a Supreme Being!


“The Supreme Court of the USA will soon be making a decision regarding homo-sex “marriage”. It is important, however, to keep in mind that no matter what they decide in their limited human reasoning, not one of them, or even all 9 together, make up a SUPREME BEING. Almighty God has already spoken on the issue. It is one loving man and one loving woman. Period.”
Pastor Myles Holmes, REVIVE