Month: March 2015

What Are You Thinking?


“A Penny for Your Thoughts Is Not Enough; Release the Power of Your Regenerated Mind!”
New 3 week REVIVE Wed. series April 8- 22
Is your thinking sinking or soaring?
Join us on a dynamic journey into understanding the power we have to take responsibility for the thought life and what it produces!
WEEK 1) What is your mind? (examine the gift)
WEEK 2) What is the mind of Christ? ( Understand your position)
WEEK 3) What difference does my thinking make? (Choose your thoughts)

Many will be launched into new freedom, authority, blessing and victory through this teaching. Join us at REVIVE

Are you aware? Our world is changing, time to decide!


There are forces in play working hard to make this nightmare a reality, and grow it to worldwide dominance, by subterfuge, deception, demographic dominance, terror, unspeakable violence and war.
You must decide now, whose side are you on?
Light or darkness, good or evil, truth or lies, strength or appeasement, freedom or bondage, life or death?
It really is that simple!
Get it? Got it? Good!”
Pastor Myles Holmes, REVIVE

Insane or Diabolical?


“Obama & Kerry ‘negotiating’ in good faith and trust with Iran re. nuclear capability? This is a nation that is terrorist-supporting, Jew-hating, Christian-hating, West-hating -determined- to- destroy- Israel and seething with Islamic-jihadist Mahdi obsession.
This, my friends, is insanity!
If not, it is something even more devious and diabolical!
Get it? Got it? Good!”

Pastor Myles Holmes, REVIVE

Ever Think About Eternity?


“Do the math… forever is a very long time. In fact, Eternity lasts, well…. forever!
If there ever was a right time to get right with God, that time is now.
If there ever was a great week to bow your knees to Jesus Christ, this Holy Week, this week of Passion would be it.
If there ever was a good time to cry out in repentance for sin and failure, this moment is it.
His Blood still cleanses and washes from guilt and shame.
You only have this one life, there is only one way out and up, worship the Lamb of God.”
Pastor Myles Holmes, REVIVE

There she lies…bloodied & bruised…


“There she lies.
In the street.
On your street.
On our streets.
There she lies in the street, alone, bloodied, beaten and bruised.
She has been struck over and over again by mockers and cynics.
Is she yet breathing?
She has been run over by politicians & judges and law-breakers call ‘legislators’.
She has been ignored by professional preachers & paid pulpiteers.
She has been punched and assaulted by movies & music & media.
Over & over again she has been stabbed & slapped by schools & educators.
This beautiful and innocent creature is walked by, ignored, now an embarrassment to the cultured and modern.

Truth lies fallen in the street.
Truth lies broken, bloodied, battle-scarred & bruised in the street.
Truth is weak and almost gone, sadly, sorrowfully staining our streets with her blood.
This is the tragedy of our time, this is the abomination of our generation, this is the guilt of our godlessness, this is the cost of our carnality, the pain of our promiscuity.

But wait!
What is this I see? Can it be? Could it be?
Someone must be praying!
Someone must be on their knees with an open Bible!
Someone, somewhere must be battling a spiritual warfare for time and eternity!
Look closely, she is not dead yet!
She is moving, yes, she is stirring, there is still life in her!

She is rising in the street, bloodied and bruised, but unconquered and unconquerable, and now stronger after the fight.

Truth, Almighty, Eternal, Glorious, Truth is rising again!
Pastor Myles Holmes, REVIVE

Never pray alone?


“If you never pray in private, alone with God, then you never pray. Period.
If your worship is only public, for performance or show, you are only worshipping yourself.
If you can’t remember the last time you were overwhelmed by the Presence and Power and Love of God, you know what you must do and what cannot wait.
Find the Secret Place!”
Pastor Myles Holmes, REVIVE