Month: February 2015

Ministry travel this weekend, will we see you?


Love to see you somewhere in ministry this weekend.
Valerie and I will be ministering Friday evening & Saturday morning in Cape Girardeau, Missouri at the Minister’s Marriage Retreat.
Sunday morning 10:45, we will be at our home base, REVIVE in Collinsville, IL.
Sunday evening at 6pm I will be speaking in Nashville, Illinois at the Assembly of God

There’s no substitute… so pray.


“There is no substitute for prayer.
There is no book you can read instead.
There is no seminar to attend in its place.
There is no formula for spiritual success that can replace it.
There is no amount of determination or willpower you can exchange for it.
There is no substitute, no stand-in, for prayer.

Need wisdom or direction?
Need peace or comfort?
Need mercy or grace?
Need understanding or revelation?
Need provision or miracles?

You will find all of this and more as you boldly approach the Throne of Grace, cry out to your Abba with faith, and you will find Jesus there, already interceding for you.
There is no substitute for prayer.”
Pastor Myles Holmes, REVIVE

Know and Name Your Enemy


Just in case you were wondering why we are a target?
The banner that ISIS displayed over the bodies of the 21 Egyptian Christians they beheaded on the Libyan beach read… “A Message In Blood to the People of the Cross”

We must fight a good fight of Faith, make sure you have a good hold on Eternal Life!
Pray that we wake up, and go to battle, first on our knees, but also with every ounce of military strength we have. Faith without works is dead. We bear not the sword in vain, we must execute God’s wrath on these evildoers. That is still in your Bible, my friends.
Pacifists, post your weak and pathetic ideologies leading to appeasement on your own blogs, this is my pulpit.
Pastor Myles Holmes, REVIVE

Global Warming? I Wish! ROFL


Record snowfalls and record cold temps everywhere
and more freezing rain this weekend here in St. Louis.
We can’t take much more of this Global Warming, can we? ROFL
I wonder how long before the multi-billion dollar Climate Change Industry changes their story to a warning about a man-made new Ice Age! 🙂
Remember, that was the “scientific wisdom” in the 70’s, before the “warming” caught on.
Well, here is a clue for the clueless. The forever-settled-in Heaven Word of God declares in Gen.8:22 “As long as the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, day and night, shall not cease.”

Pastor Myles Holmes, REVIVE

The 2 Big Issues In the Church


The gravest problems in America in this hour are not the fault of the broken culture. They are the 2 issues plaguing the modern church, which are the Apathetic Prayerlessness of the Pew and the Appalling Preachlessness of the Pulpit. Get these back in order and we will have a restoration of righteousness and a return to our roots. Fervent faith-filled prayer and bold, Biblical preaching…that my friends, is a recipe for revival! ❤
Pastor Myles Holmes, REVIVE

“Another Holy War Soldier” message to Bill O’Reilly


Message I just sent to Bill O’Reilly, because he asked for a response from Pastors…
Under the Subject Heading – “Another Holy War Soldier”

“Thank you for your call to religious leaders to urge a strong military response to the global jihad. You are one of only a handful of international voices with the moral clarity and personal courage to speak to this. I will echo your call to the church I pastor near St. Louis this Sunday morning, as I have been doing for several years.”
Myles Holmes, REVIVE, Collinsville, IL

End-Times Fighting Stance


Is there any doubt in your mind and spirit that we could very well be living in the last moments of the last days? The Signs of the Times are everywhere!

This is not a reason to coast or rest, it is a call to spiritual warfare.
This is not a season to run and hide, it is our mandate to fight.
This is not a time for fear, it is crucial that bold and righteous courage be our reality.
I am a broken record with this incessant reminder, but I must bring you back to the not-so-long-ago history of NAZI Germany. There were foolishly naïve Christians then who thought we should not fight what was happening, just as there are these same pacifists today, believing they speak a better word than fight.

If you can’t support Israel, you are no friend of the Word.
If you can’t demand that we fight ISIS and jihadist-terrorists everywhere they appear, you are no companion of justice.
If you cannot speak for the superiority of the Western Judeo-Christian culture, you are no friend of liberty.
If the Lord returns in the next year, I want Him to find me occupying, fighting and faithful.
If He decides to delay His return for another 75 years, I want to have left some liberty and freedom behind for my grandchildren.
Anyone with me?
Pastor Myles Holmes, REVIVE