Month: November 2014

Revival is Something NEW? Yes!


“A longing for true revival is not necessarily a demand for a return to yesterday. If that is your only definition for revival, perhaps your love of tradition is precisely what is holding back the blessing of Heaven. What if GOD is desiring to do a new thing, pour out fresh vision, serve new wine for this generation? What if the Holy Spirit is trying to teach you a new song, because old things have passed away?

If you only worship ‘The Way It Used To Be”, then history becomes an IDOL, and you are no longer worshipping GOD. Certainly, we unashamedly hold onto the unchanging Word of GOD, and we never compromise morality, but if your methods and models are set in concrete, you are not moving with the Presence of GOD, and you will remain frustrated. Not me. I am more fascinated and intrigued and excited about my future in GOD and the Harvest ahead of us than I have ever been. JESUS is the same yesterday, today and forever, and since that is true, hold on! He always saves the best wine for last! Get ready!  ❤
Pastor Myles Holmes, REVIVE

Thanksgiving word to our REVIVE Family

With a grateful heart, for what you have, and also give GOD praise for what do not have!

A THANKSGIVING word to all our REVIVE Family…
So grateful for you today, your love and support, your commitment to the Kingdom, your encouragement and faithfulness, your prayer and consecration to the purposes of the Kingdom… GOD sees your work and labor of love.
Please know that we love you and are praying for you and your family, believing with you for His Presence and Power to be revealed in amazing ways..
So today, eat too much turkey, go ahead, laugh till your sides hurt, and be sure to give GOD thanks for all his Blessings! Love ya! Your Pastor, friend and brother, Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE


“Is it possible that we are weak and ineffective in our praying because we do not live with thankful hearts? Is it reasonable to expect more blessing and anointing and miracle power in our lives if we live in constant worship, praise and thankfulness? The answer to both queries is YES!
But the most horrible ingratitude of all is to know that Jesus Christ died for your sins and not respond to Him in obedience, repentance and faith! Bow now or later, but you will bow to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! ”
Pastor Myles Holmes, REVIVE

Dangerous Analogy and WRONG! ISIS & KKK

A Dangerous and Wrong-headed Analogy (ISIS & the KKK)

“I have heard this mistaken analogy so often from various Christian speakers that I must respond. It goes like this… ‘We should not identify ISIS as Islamic. It is not fair to kind, peace-loving muslims. How would you feel if someone had the idea that the KKK represented Christianity?’
This is so wrong on so many levels.
Consider that the KKK, their philosophy and actions go directly against the teachings of the Bible and the founder of our Faith, JESUS CHRIST.
Also, remember that as islamic jihadists behead, crucify, burn and torture other muslims, Jews and Christians they are directly obeying the teachings of the Koran and the actual example of Muhammad. These are the facts of history that cannot be changed simply because there really are kind and peaceful muslims.
Please share this with your pastors and ministry leaders.
Fighting for the TRUTH!”
Pastor Myles Holmes, REVIVE

Legacy of Love

So…. true story…my dad always said to me… “Son, you will never fully understand how much I love you until you have your own son.” Years later, I came to understand what he meant as I had my own children, then I repeated that thought to them. Still many years later, my son Sgt. Zack Holmes had his son Preston, and he said to me, “I understand, dad!” Just last night, I said to Zack, “Son, you will never understand how much a grampa loves his grandson until…” He smiled… and the legacy of love continues!