SEX; You can’t die from lack of it!

(From this morning’s message)

At no other time in history has there been more availability of temptation, never has there been a more overwhelming flooding of society – culture, plays, media, movies, books, comics, music, Internet, television and radio- FLOODED with depravity, immorality and casual sex. It is all a joke and sex has no value meaning or purpose! These are days of temptation and sin is as quick and as close as a click of your mouse.

Let me make something clear. Those who sin in this area have no excuse and there is no justification.

 In years of ministry I’ve talked with many  men who want to excuse themselves because “My wife wasn’t meeting my needs. I had to go elsewhere, I had to have an affair, what’s a Man to do?”

First of all, a bit of truth and logic. No man has ever died from lack of sex.

You can die from lack of sleep.

You can die from lack of food.

You can die from lack of water.

You can die from lack of shelter.

You can die from falling off the side of a mountain.

You can die by falling into a barrel of acid.

You can die of old age.

But in the thousands of years of recorded human history, there has never been a human being who has died from lack of sex. It doesn’t happen, so man up.

Secondly, your lack of affection is no justification for taking what is not yours. No judge will let you off from robbing a bank, because you had run out of funds. “I lost my job, I HAD to rob the corners store!”

 If your car breaks down, you can’t just go steal someone else’s. “I had to, I had no transportation!”

If your marriage breaks down, you can’t just go steal someone else’s daughter, someone else’s sister, someone else’s wife. It’s wrong, it’s sin, and there’s no justification.

Thirdly, if it is true that you’re not getting any affection at home, FIX the PROBLEM! Pursue your wife again, win her heart again, romance her, go after her, date her, court her, write her a love poem, sing to her, make her laugh again, LOVE HER, MAN!!  There is nothing impossible with God, therefore your marriage is not impossible to redeem, restore and recover.

Now ladies, this is not new information for you to use at home when you have a headache… “The pastor said, you’re not gonna die!”

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