Month: June 2014

Don’t fight the end-times? RIDICULOUS!!

“Christians predictably say things like….”Well, prophecy is unfolding, we can’t fight the end-times, this is GOD’s will.” That kind of thinking is fatalistic, wrong, dangerous and unBiblical. There were many Christians who foolishly said the same things about Hitler & the Nazis. Thank GOD there were many more Christians manning the machine guns and strapping on parachutes to confront the evil with hot lead. And behind these heroes and their tanks and flamethrowers was an army of intercessors, prayer-warriors day and night involving Heaven in these hellish battles on earth! We fight evil until JESUS comes, and we don’t stop fighting evil UNTIL Jesus comes! Every generation is responsible to fight the spirit of antichrist they face. (there are many of them) When THE Antichrist finally appears, the LORD will destroy him with one breath! That is Bible! 2 Thess. 2:8

And now we learn that the USA is considering working with IRAN to stop ISIS? Have we gone MAD?!! How about working with our ONLY true ally in the middle east, ISRAEL??!!!” Myles Holmes

” Myles Holmes

DAD! Where are you?

FATHERS? Where on earth ARE YOU?

As we prepare to celebrate DAD’s day this weekend, I will be at the head of the line, thanking GOD for the memory and the heritage passed on to me by my on-fire Preacher dad, and my wonderful father-in-law, both in Heaven.
AND, I will celebrate the incredible joy of being DAD to my 5 FANTASTIC kids, 3 in-love kids and one grandson!
I happily cheer every faithful dad. We are not perfect and our kids know that, but what an honor it is to keep pointing our offspring back to the Bible!
However, please consider that America is in CRISIS in the Dad department!
Shockingly, 33% of teens today in the USA are growing up without a father in the home! More than 1 in 3!
GOD help us!
First, PRAY for these single MOMS on Fathers Day.
And Dads, get HOME! Fall back in love with the woman who bore your children. Get it RIGHT man! Man-up to your manly responsibilities!
Quit being a chump, chasing the latest shade of lipstick, making you no better than a DIPstick!
GOD bless the Faithful dads!
GOD bless the single dads, raising kids on their own!
If you are living in sin, I am not your judge, but GOD is!
REPENT, there may be still time to affect your kids for eternity!” Myles Holmes

Blood Moons!? islam at the Vatican!?

BLOOD MOONS!? islam at the Vatican!?
Could this possibly be the first of the horrors and blasphemies being visited on the planet relating to Israel & the middle east? TODAY, for the first time in history, the Pope is hosting a muslim prayer service, comingling with Hebrew & Christian prayers and Holy Bible readings as well as from the unholy Koran, AT THE VATICAN! This is sick, sad and satanic. The END is near. Fight on soldiers, be Bold, Fearless and Courageous! You will need a moral, spiritual and theological backbone in the coming days! You will be mocked and belittled and shamed! Stand for Truth anyhow! I know I will!