Month: May 2014

Be the Whole Wide World to Somebody!

“To the world you may be one person…but to one person you may be the world!” (Dr. Seuss) , Now, live up to your world-changing potential, one life at a time! One song at a time, one poem at a time, one word at a time, one smile at a time, one letter or text or email or phone call at a time, one cup of coffee or one meal at a time… you can share hope, faith and love in just minutes, and we can do that for a lifetime! – Myles Holmes-


“The best way to predict your future is to CREATE it!
Want a garden? Plant some seeds!
What your future will be is dependent on the daily decisions as to what your attitude,                                                                    reactions, words, thoughts and actions are right now.
You can not control one other person on the planet but YOU!
GOD has placed you in charge of YOU!
Only you can choose whether to be a person of Attraction or Repulsion to people & blessings!
I dare you to believe for MORE!
The BEST is yet to be!
Open His Word, get your assign from Heaven, and CREATE!!”

Myles Holmes Ministries
Myles Holmes Ministries

Arrogant Jerk or Humble Servant?

 “Why would Abe Lincoln say,
‘The BEST way to test a man’s character is to give him power.’ ? Here’s why…
Some people get a little power and it goes straight to their HEADS! They become arrogant, proud, pushy, bossy and dictatorial. your basic jerk.
OTHERS, receive power and it goes straight to their HANDS! They become more effective, humble servants, thrilled that their influence to bless has increased.” Myles Holmes

Inept, Slow, Washington now ASSESSING the Situation!

The ineptitude, inaction and lethargy of our gov’t is BEYOND frustrating!!
276 Christian girls abducted in Nigeria LAST month, being sold into slavery or married to Muslims… and the US just announced through Kerry that we are sending a team to ASSESS the situation! Here’s a clue… send a few teams of Navy Seals to RESCUE the girls!!!! You know, old-fashioned American FIREpower?!! For cryin’ out loud, DO something, you Washington cowards!! -Myles Holmes-

Conviction is a funny thing… Monday Ministry Moment.

(Conviction is a funny thing)
You can smile, say ‘Amen’, or “Ouch’, but this is my experience.

After 39 years of preaching regularly every single week, I want to share with you 4 typical responses to any strong word.
I am sure every preacher and pastor has had the same experience, by email, text, phone call, letter, or a comment after service in the lobby. They fall into these categories.

Response 1. “Good word, great message.”
Response 2. “That was a great message for him. That was a wonderful message for her. I sure hope THEY were listening.”
Response 3. “You were preaching right at me. You were talking straight to me. You read my mail. Thank you. GOD knew that was just what I needed!” 🙂
Response 4. “You were preaching right at me. You were talking straight to me. How dare you?!! I don’t appreciate that. You are so wrong to point me out like that!”   😦

Now let me tell you my response to the last.

I look that person straight in the eye, and tell them “Yes, I was preaching straight at you, I was talking right at you, but not on purpose, not with any forethought, that was not my plan and it was not intentional. But if you felt the Word of GOD and my preaching was directed at you personally, that must have been GOD’s plan, not mine.“

Conviction is a funny thing. It is something we want everyone else to experience but me!” Pastor Myles Holmes