Month: March 2014

World Vision displays pathetic, spineless, cowardly Christianity! Wake up church!

“WORLD VISION (the US organization) has just announced they will now hire “married homosexual employees”, ‘same sex-committed Christian couples”. How sick and sad!

World DI-Vision has now lost my support, and the support of the church I pastor.

They have caved to political correctness, showing cowardice
precisely when moral courage is needed!

There will be much more of this weakening, wimpy, spineless Christianity displayed soon, but it will only serve to highlight the TRUE church of the Living GOD, which will never bow to baal!” Myles Holmes Ministries

Animals, Reason & Foolish Humans


Feed & love & pet a Dog, it thinks YOU are god!

Feed & love & pet a Cat, it thinks IT is god!

Feed and bless a Human, shower him with daily blessings and miracles, put him on a planet that is a miracle itself, just the correct distance from the sun- closer, we’d burn up, further away, we’d be a frozen ball- beautify that earth with 400,000 different species of flowers, show that human the power of love, the wonders of the universe, the miracle of human birth, bless a human like that and it thinks, THERE IS NO GOD!
The FOOL says that in his heart! ” -Myles Holmes-

An honest talk re. Pastors leaving ministry


The stats have been pretty consistent the last several years. Every month, an average of 1500 pastors in America hang up the towel, turn out the lights, and leave full-time pastoral ministry.

Now, I want to be clear and compassionate, honest and humble in what I share. In no way do I intend to add to any pain anyone has experienced. I am one who cares, and believe me, I have my own scars.

It must be said, however, that not everyone who has left the ministry was actually called by GOD to enter the field. Some thought it was an easy, glamorous one-day-a-week job where you give a rousing speech to an always-admiring crowd. They were shocked to realize it is actually 24 hr spiritual warfare, with a real enemy who is out to destroy.

The people-pleasing preacher, who has no gut-level, heart-consuming, mind-enlightening conviction of the veracity of GOD’s Word, does so much eternal damage in the pulpit. This kind of pastor is not as comforting as a stuffed teddy bear, so their loss to the church is an actual gain!

That being said, it must be acknowledged that within these 1500 men and women there must be scores if not hundreds of faithful servants who were worn down, stripped to their last ounce of strength, had nowhere to turn, and nobody who would stand beside them, no one to talk to, and they had no choice but to give up.

This is beyond tragic. In my many years of personally counseling with hurting ministers, it is a repetitive theme, “It was not the wounds of my enemies that caused me so much pain, it was the SILENCE of my friends.”

It is so easy to send cards and texts of loving, prayerful support, but somebody has to SPEAK up when it counts. Somebody must shield the wounded soldier. Someone must stand up to the carnal, political, Pharisaical powers that will not release control.
If you have any heart for the Kingdom, decide right this moment to MARK the divisive, and avoid them. That’s BIBLE!

(If you have been a divider, step back and look out, you have touched the LORD’s Anointed! Repentance is in order for your future safety!)

And LOVE your Pastor! Pray for your preacher. Support them! Encourage them! Give them gifts! Send them on an all-expense paid vacation! Create a prayer-chain for them! She or he is no more perfected than I am, but if they have stuck it out this far, they are called of GOD, and they may need a few Aaron’s and Hur’s! They need a few cheerleaders, defenders and prayer-warriors! They need YOU!

To the pastors, let me share one final bit of advice that my mother shared with me many years ago when facing a small group of vicious critics… “Myles, you just need to to decide that you are going to either OUTLOVE them or OUTLIVE them!” I DID!

If you need to share your heart, preacher, email me at . You have a friend in St. Louis!
Myles Holmes Ministries



PERSECUTION of sincere Christians & our beliefs & practices is coming to America.

Unless we see a mighty culture and world-view-shaking REVIVAL, the True Church will be attacked with vengeance on 2 fronts… the homosexual ‘marriage’ issue and the islamic-jihadist issue. FREEDOM of Speech, Assembly and Religion are already being threatened on these 2 issues.

Yet again, I strongly urge your careful and prayerful reading of BONHOEFFER by Metaxas. You will be shocked by the parallels between an anemic German church, and America’s lethargy today. Appeasement and accommodation will destroy America. Resistance and SPIRITUAL Revolution is critical! You simply must decide to STAND, and stand alone if you must! But there is another option.

The better option is to make certain that you are partnered with a Bible-preaching church, with a blazing pulpit and a fire-baptized preacher who understands the battle!”

Myles Holmes

SINGULARITY! Or something better?


“The technological singularity, or simply the singularity, is a hypothetical moment in time when artificial intelligence will have progressed to the point of a greater-than-human intelligence, radically changing civilization, and perhaps human nature. Since the capabilities of such an intelligence may be difficult for a human to comprehend, the technological singularity is often seen as an occurrence (akin to a gravitational singularity) beyond which the future course of human history is unpredictable or even unfathomable.”

Some are PROMOTING the “Singularity”, others are predicting it, many others fear it.

I suggest something else could be on the horizon, that has the potential to radically change civilization and human nature!


A sudden and holy convergence of millions of GOD’s people worldwide, giving themselves to prayer, repentance, radical Faith, righteous living, Unity and Love in the Body, Bold Obedience to CHRIST, resulting in a Global Awakening to the Greater-Than-Human-Heavenly-Wisdom, and sparking the Great Last Day’s Revival & Harvest!

Will anybody believe and work with me?

GOING FOR REVIVAL!! Myles Holmes Ministries