Month: February 2014

VIDEO Message -Spiritual Gifts, Charismatic Confusion & Mystical Misconceptions

Here is some needed surgery and some preventative medicine as we seek

a great last days outpouring & revival!

Have U emailed me a PIC of your Family 2 pray over?

Do your very best to join us this Sunday at REVIVE 10:45am
We will be praying & prophesying over your family!


Bring a picture of a loved one you are believing GOD to reach , we will lay that PIC on the altar during the message.
Be here for this Release of Anointing on your family even if you need to drive 100 miles!
If you cannot make it, email a PIC of your family to & we will lay your family on the altar!

-My Babies will be Bible-Believers!
My Children will be Champions of the Church!
My Kids will be Kingdom Conquerors!
My Seed will be Serving Saints!
My Offspring will be Overcomers, Oppressing the Oppressor!
My Home will be Harmonious & Holy!
My Family will be Fruitful & Faith-Filled!-

Join us in dynamic worship, fervent prayer and powerful preaching/teaching… where else but REVIVE?

We are located just 12 miles east of St. Louis, at 1105 Belt Line Road, Collinsville, IL
A restaurant gift card to all our first time guests.

Email Issues

For some as-yet-to-be-determined reason, this weekend, all the email addresses I have been using for many years…,,, and the newer email, are being blocked, not reaching me.
My hotmail account s still working, so you can reach me at
I will let you know when all my systems are fully functional again.

There is a blessing in here somewhere, LOL, I believe I am about to learn something!

Are you expecting? I AM!!!

“The miraculous only manifests to those living in expectation!
Believe to receive!
I am such a blessed man because I am looking for it around every corner!
Who knows what a great and good GOD has in store for me tomorrow morning, or next week, or next year?
To those who cannot stomach disappointment, so they determine to live in the mire of misery, accepting their limitations and low-dreams, I would say, ‘WAIT a MINUTE!’
GOD never disappoints!
There are times I did not understand, or like what happened, but I knew enough to HOLD ON to the GOD who was holding on to me!
Then, JOY, always came in the morning, and I saw, He took me thru the fire!
If you will dare to TRUST, dare to dream again, dare to ask largely, you will find that He is willing and able to do exceeding abundantly ABOVE all that you are able to ask, think or dream about!
You honestly think you can OUT-Dream GOD?
Didn’t think so.
But your doubt and double-speak, your mumbling and murmuring, your complaining and criticizing, can LIMIT the Holy one of Israel!
Not me, I live, eat, talk and walk and a sleep and DREAM EXPECTATION!! Try it, you’ll LOVE  it! “

Pastor Myles Holmes


VIDEO- “Numbers; you’ve Been Warned!”

(GOD’s anger toward whining & complaining, how ‘grasshopper thinking’ destroys your inheritance, & how to become the EXCEPTION that enjoys the promised Blessing)
One of the best quotes from this message… “There will always be those who want to ‘stone’ both the message and the messenger of FAITH!”