Month: January 2014

Suggested Text for Obama’s STATE OF UNION Speech

STATE OF THE UNION speech tonite. My suggested text… perhaps some Rebel-Patriot can upload this to Obama’s teleprompter this evening!
“My fellow Americans,
Tonight I join in the tradition of many great Presidents before me in calling for a sustained period of National Humiliation, Fasting & Prayer to our Almighty GOD, who cannot be pleased with us!
The State of our Union is an atrocious mess.
*We have created a voracious, hungry monster in our federal debt that is about to consume us!
*We have forgotten our high calling to stand as a friend and defender of Israel!
*We murder thousands of Americans daily in their mother’s wombs and call it legal abortion!
*We celebrate perversion, sexual immorality and debauchery and call it freedom!
*We promote homosexuality and destroy the sacred institution of marriage, between one man and one woman.
*We mock the Holy Word of GOD in movies, music & entertainment and call it art!
*We fall asleep to a glowing TV that is saturated with filth and lewdness!
*We neglect to teach our children the true American history of Faith & trust in GOD, and instead tell them the lie of evolution is their origin and nothingness is their future!
My fellow Americans, I bow my knees and my heart before a Holy GOD, who will not be mocked!
Let us repent, and call for our pulpits in our churches to once again LEAD this nation to righteousness, that the Name above every Name, the Name of JESUS CHRIST be exalted to the Glory of GOD the Father! Oh, LORD have mercy on this great land!”
Myles Holmes Ministries

Amazed by the Fear I See!

“I am amazed by the level of fear and consternation I see on many pastor’s blogs/websites.
Every day I see a ?? or comment about how we should handle/counsel/should we marry? a homosexual couple that asks.
They are quick to point out these are now (gasp/horrors) LEGAL questions!
My simple response is, if you have to ask, (and if you have a fear of prosecution, persecution, imprisonment, etc,) you have just demonstrated that you are …
NOT called of GOD,
NOT a Chosen Servant of the Truth,
NOT a Faithful Messenger of the Word,
and NOT a Soldier of the Cross of CHRIST!
Get out of the pulpit and turn it over to someone who has been touched by the FIRE!”
Pastor Myles Holmes
*Thus endeth my rant*”

FASTING for Breakthrough!

Many of us at REVIVE have started, are beginning, or will be commencing a 21 Day Fast for Breakthrough, here in the first month of 2014.
Just a few reminders…
Let no pride enter your fast… “LOOK AT ME!”
Allow no self-pity to enter your fast. “POOR ME!”
Don’t make food your focus, the whole purpose of a fast is to get yourself in GOD’s Presence.
If all you are doing is giving up chocolate and pies, you are not fasting, you are on a DIET!
Abstain from food for SHORT periods, drink PLENTY of water, and use the TIME saved from preparing, eating and cleaning up to get yourself ALONE with God and His Word. WRITE down what He tells you.

There is a hell-shattering power released in a true fast.
Keep in mind, fasting is not about what you are going without,
it is about WHO you are going with.
Fasting AND prayer, is the power combination needed to change our world!
I will see you on the other side of your miracle! Myles Holmes Ministries


My New Year’s Eve blessing I am praying over all my family in the USA and Canada, our wonderful church family at REVIVE, and all our friends and ministry partners around the world.

I declare that you will wake up tomorrow in 2014 with a smile on your face because you are fully aware that it is not only a day of new mercies, but a new year of miracles, fresh direction, deepened wisdom, supernatural favor, multiplied anointing and RIVERS OF GRACE to SWIM IN!

You have learned much, you have grown in purpose and understanding, you have suffered and wept, but have not become bitter. You have been obedient to the Call, even when it cost.
Therefore, you will reap the Harvest of the Righteous, you will enjoy the Abiding Presence of the Most High, and you will laugh with the Joy of Heaven until your sides hurt!

Receive it by Faith, expect it in Holy Anticipation, and whatever GOD tells you WRITE IT DOWN, make the vision plain and RUN WITH IT!