Month: December 2013

Sow seed into REVIVE for REVIVAL!

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Just days left! Act now!

Just days left! Act now!

No, this is not a last-minute sales push, this is not the bargain of the century, the deal of the decade which you must purchase immediately.

This is simply a reminder that we will soon close the book on 2013. You only have days to do what you know you should do. Make a phone call. Write that e-mail. Restore that relationship. Pay up what you owe to God, whether it is in tithes or in reconciliation.

There really is no reason to carry hurts and hang-ups into the new year. You may need to forgive others, or you may need to forgive yourself. You may need to stop doing something or pick up a wonderful new habit. You may call it Goal-setting, Attitude Adjustment, Resolutions or Personal Transformation, or something else, but for GOD’s sake, just do it.

 There is nothing magic at all that happens at the stroke of midnight New Year’s Eve, unless you put the magic in it, which is the awesome, overwhelming, world-changing, life-altering ‘Power of Personal Choice’.

GOD has given us the responsibility to choose. No one can choose your attitude, your mood your actions or your re-actions. GOD will not even force us.

However, if we would choose to do the right thing, the good thing, the necessary thing, even if it’s humbling and causes personal sacrifice, we can set in motion a chain of events that will turn 2014 into twelve months of miracles!

Technology today means that right now you have the time to do what you have to do. E-mail, Facebook, tweet, text somebody right now that you need to say “Hey I really love you, I must make this right”, etc. etc.  Go ahead. I triple- double- dog dare you to create not only a Happy New Year, but a Happy New YOU!

War on CHRISTmas, Hitler and Duck Dynasty

“The War on CHRISTmas; it’s not new, it’s NAZI!

As we continue the war to save our culture, and to keep alive certain traditions which provide the bedrock of our culture, it is vitally important to have a bit of historical perspective.

This war on CHRISTmas is not new, in fact Hitler hated CHRISTmas! One of his first decrees concerning religion was the outlawing (verboten) of any mention, or celebration of CHRISTmas in schools! Then by 1938 he outlawed prayer in schools and forbade the word itself from being used, changing the official holiday to Yuletide.  (Weihnachtszeit-German)

So, it’s YOUR problem if you are offended by my wishing you a Holy, happy, holly, jolly, very, Merry CHRISTmas! Your offense is no concern of mine.

What is very much my concern is where we are headed as a nation. Here in America, we are swiftly approaching the theological/cultural tragedy of 1930’s Germany, where Hitler decreed that churches were forbidden (verboten) from preaching anything but Positive Christianity.Positives Christentum– German  is a Nazi-fied,watered down, no Cross, no hell, no sin, no repentance, no judgment version that is looking very much alive in America today. This is shocking history that we MUST share with GOD’s people!

With this in mind, I propose that if the Apostle Paul showed up today, he would much more closely resemble Phil Robertson “The Duck Commander” than the pansy, pathetic, wimpy, apologetic preachers that fill many pulpits in America today with our modern version of ‘Positive Christianity.’

It has been extremely illuminating to hear all the pundits quoting Phil Robertson’s statements about homosexuality verbatim, then proceed to label him hateful, bigoted, and dangerous, etc., not realizing that Phil was actually quoting the BIBLE. This is the war we are in, not for free speech, but the freedom to publicly quote the Word of Almighty GOD!  GOD bless Phil Robertson for his courage, morality, common sense & anatomically correct observations which are all such a colossal THREAT to the godless!

These political and cultural commentators, presuming to speak for Christianity, declare breathlessly, “This is not Christian! Christianity is  – DON’T JUDGE, DON’T CONDEMN, it’s all about LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR.”  In unison and exquisite harmony, these paid pundits perfectly parrot a form of religion that Hitler would smile upon!

My fervent prayer is that the church in America wake up, her preachers catch Fire, and the saints fight for our freedoms come what may!”                        Pastor Myles Holmes, REVIVE,  Collinsville IL.


                                                    Eric Metaxas’ BONHOEFFER  Thomas Nelson

Do U Believe CHRISTmas?

Do you BELIEVE the CHRISTmas story?
Many people like the story.
‘Wise men, shepherds, Angels, the Star, the virgin giving birth…’
Many LOVE the story!

Some despise the story, are threatened by it!
“Don’t let kids sing about it in school!
Don’t call it a CHRISTmas tree!”

Others think they know the story, but they have it all confused.

Still others have never really heard the true Story of Bethlehem.

But the important question is… do you BELIEVE?
That, my friend, changes EVERYTHING!
EMMANUEL! GOD is with us!
Merry CHRISTmas!!

“CHRISTmas means…
                      no fear here because GOD is WITH US!
CHRISTmas means…
                      no retreat here because GOD is FOR US!
CHRISTmas means…
                      nothing but Joy here because GOD is in US!
CHRISTmas means…
                      we get to go to GOD because GOD came to us!
CHRISTmas means…
                     no guilt/condemning here because GOD is GOD.
CHRISTmas means…
                     the last, best and only hope for a dark, weary,
                                 rebellious world … because GOD in the flesh,
                                                   was wrapped in swaddilng clothes
                                                                       and laid in a manger,
                                                                     JOY TO THE WORLD!”

Myles Holmes