Month: November 2013

“How Can I Say Thanks? To GOD Be the Glory!”

So much to be grateful to GOD for today…

my Warm, Wonderful, Witty, Wild, Wise, Word-filled, Worshiping Wife Valerie,

our 5 Over-coming, Outstanding Off-spring, Jordan, Zack, Angela, Chantelle & Destiny, our 2 Bombshell Beauties of Daughter-in-Loves, Rachel & Ripley, our, Giant-of-a- Guy-in-every-way Son-in Love, Caleb, and the world’s greatest grandson, Preston!

With all of that, I have the particularly, powerful, prophetic pleasure of pastoring the passionate people of REVIVE !

Yes, I am a Most Blessed man! ❤

Wisdom from USA SC Justice Scalia

“Church and state would not be such a difficult subject if religion were, as the Court apparently thinks it to be, some purely personal avocation that can be indulged entirely in secret, like pornography, in the privacy of one’s room.

For most believers it is not that, and has never been.

Religious men and women of almost all denominations have felt it necessary to acknowledge and beseech the blessing of GOD as a people, and not just as individuals, because they believe in the “protection of Divine Providence,” as the Declaration of Independence put it, not just for individuals but for societies.”  USA Supreme Court Justice Scalia