Month: November 2013

“How Can I Say Thanks? To GOD Be the Glory!”

So much to be grateful to GOD for today…

my Warm, Wonderful, Witty, Wild, Wise, Word-filled, Worshiping Wife Valerie,

our 5 Over-coming, Outstanding Off-spring, Jordan, Zack, Angela, Chantelle & Destiny, our 2 Bombshell Beauties of Daughter-in-Loves, Rachel & Ripley, our, Giant-of-a- Guy-in-every-way Son-in Love, Caleb, and the world’s greatest grandson, Preston!

With all of that, I have the particularly, powerful, prophetic pleasure of pastoring the passionate people of REVIVE !

Yes, I am a Most Blessed man! ❤

Wisdom from USA SC Justice Scalia

“Church and state would not be such a difficult subject if religion were, as the Court apparently thinks it to be, some purely personal avocation that can be indulged entirely in secret, like pornography, in the privacy of one’s room.

For most believers it is not that, and has never been.

Religious men and women of almost all denominations have felt it necessary to acknowledge and beseech the blessing of GOD as a people, and not just as individuals, because they believe in the “protection of Divine Providence,” as the Declaration of Independence put it, not just for individuals but for societies.”  USA Supreme Court Justice Scalia

Judgment Coming?


It always amazes me the number of people who wonder if America is rushing toward judgment. “GOD may judge America’, they warn. ‘If we don’t repent, JUDGMENT is coming!’

I want to suggest that America is ALREADY under GOD’s judgment! Consider the violence in our streets and schools. Think about the breakdown of family-life and marriage. Consider the rapid islamification of our courts and political leadership. Think about the ongoing success of the homosexual agenda. Consider the loss of entire generations in abortion clinics and hospitals. Think about the perversion, sexuality and godlessness that fills our TV’s, movie theaters and music.

All of that and much more would seem to indicate to me that GOD has lifted His Hand of Blessing and Favor and Protection, not someday, but already!

But, GOD has always had Himself a remnant…

…a humble yet bold army of prayer warriors, a repentant yet courageous band of believers, a Faith-filled yet hard-working family of servants, a Joyful yet deadly-serious team of Harvesters who…

…while ensuring an Unction and Umbrella of Divine Favor and blessing over their own families in the midst of the darkness- the deep darkness that covers the earth-

they ARISE AND SHINE WITH THE GLORY OF THE LIGHT OF THE RISEN LORD! As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD! As for the church I serve, we will know REVIVAL! We will have precisely what we determine we will NOT live without! REVIVE.

THAT, my friends, is America’s ONLY Hope! Myles Holmes Ministries


‘A Call to Action…

This Christian hero’s fight was against slavery…

our generation’s battle is against islamification, abortion, the homosexual agenda, crippling national debt, the breakdown of family, etc… listen to these words…

‘Accustom yourself to look first to the dreadful consequences of failure; then fix your eyes on the glorious prize which is before you; and when your strength begins to fail, and your spirits are well nigh exhausted, let the animating view rekindle your resolution, and call forth in renewed vigor the fainting energies of your soul.’ William Wilberforce

Fight on, faithful Soldiers of the Cross!

Brand New Spiritual Adventure… from 1655!

“Just today, in our Mon-Fri 6:30am REVIVE Prayer Meeting, we finished our journey through the epic 622 page EM BOUNDS ON PRAYER, the classic challenge to a life of intercession and faith. What a blessing this has been! I am so excited to announce that this Monday, we will embark on a brand new spiritual journey together that will take several years to finish. This 3 vol. series is 1025 pages and it has wonderfully impacted my life down through my ministry and personal walk with GOD. David Wilkerson said, “Without a doubt, it is one of the most important books ever written, other than the Word of GOD. I will forever bless the day it was placed in my hands.” Spurgeon wrote, “This work is peerless and priceless. Every line is full of wisdom, every sentence is stirring.” The converted slave trader, pastor and author of Amazing Grace wrote, “If I could only have one book besides the Bible, I would choose this one.” We will be diving into THE CHRISTAN IN COMPLETE ARMOR by Pastor William Gurnall first published in 1655!! The Saints of the Ages still speak!” Pastor Myles Holmes