Month: September 2013


Yesterday’s message from REVIVE on audio and video, so you can watch or listen, or BOTH! 🙂

INTRO to Spiritual Warfare Series… WEAPONS; RUSTY OR READY?


“I LOVE the Fall! True, I enjoy every season, including winter, but the transition into autumn is wonderful! The cooler temps, the Creator’s kaleidoscope of colors painted on trees, backyard firepits, the pumpkin pies and apple cider, the anticipation of Thanksgiving and CHRISTmas, I love it all. But I believe the greatest joy of this season is that, in this part of the world, it is HARVEST TIME! We are bringing in the fruit of the trees and the fields! The tables will be bountifully supplied! That is JOY! Now, think about it terms of the SPIRITUAL Harvest! It’s TIME! Souls, family, friends, neighbors, co-workers. The seeds have been planted, the fields have been watered with prayer, let’s call the HARVEST in!!”-Myles Holmes-

Prophecy Moment- US Foreign Policy – The FACTS

“PROPHECY MOMENT: Understanding America’s Current Foreign Policy
Facts… 1) Israel is the ONLY free democracy in the middle east.
2) Israel is surrounded by nations that are run by either secular dictators or islamic dictators. 3) Washington’s support of Israel at the very best, is weak, tepid and uncertain  4) In every single instance, Washington is siding with the wrong team, seeking to replace secular dictators with islamic dictators. THESE ARE THE INDISPUTABLE FACTS.  We must pray, as the prophetic Word is being fulfilled, Jerusalem is becoming a cup of trembling for the nations.” – Myles Holmes-

Revival Recipe

“REVIVAL should, and can be your personal, powerful, prophetic, permanent state. You simply must determine to fast and pray, desire GOD above all, read the Word and… here’s the clincher, this is it… DO WHAT GOD TELLS YOU! The world is lost largely due to the fact that most believers are waiting for someone else to bring in their harvest for them. The first two letters of gospel still spell GO, so let’s get out there today and ‘Trust and OBEY, there’s no other way, to be happy in JESUS, but to Trust and OBEY’ ” -Myles Holmes

Fascinating Info on Pastor’s responses

Fascinating bit of info for you… in all my experience on social media, with thousands of friends and followers across facebook, linked-in, twitter, my blog, and websites, followers worldwide, I have NEVER had a pastor or ministry leader from Egypt, Sudan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Israel, any middle eastern nation, or Asia, Africa or Europe, not one time have they asked me to “tone down the rhetoric” or stop warning the world about islam. Not once. In fact, they privately message me with thanks, urging me to continue! The ONLY negative response I ever get is from weak-kneed, jelly-back-boned, nervous, politically correct professional ministers from the USA and Canada. Interesting, isn’t it? And pathetic.

Dallas area friends! Ministry available

DALLAS AREA FRIENDS! Myles and Valerie Holmes Ministry available in Dallas, TX area Sunday, Oct, 20. To our ministry friends and partners, we will be in Dallas Oct 20 for our son’s wedding. If you or your church would like our ministry in music and the Word that Sunday morning, please know that we are HIGH impact/low maintenance evangelists. Just a love offering or blessing, we do not need hotel, restaurant privileges, personal security detail or limousine pick-up ! 🙂  We live to be a blessing, so call today 618-344-1000  You may message me here, or email me at

Brigitte Gabriel, Live at REVIVE – tomorrow 7pm

Less than 24 hrs from now, you will have the opportunity to hear live and in person, perhaps the bravest woman you will ever meet! BRIGITTE GABRIEL is an internationally renowned expert, author, TV Personality, speaker on islamic jihadism, appearing LIVE at REVIVE. Tuesday, 7pm, Sept 17 You have seen her on Fox News, Glenn Beck, CNN, Sean Hannity, etc. FREE admission, doors open at 6pm. You NEED to learn how to fight for freedom, the flag, and the future of America! You NEED to be informed as to the demonic plans of this twisted world view. URGE your pastor to come, and community leaders. REVIVE is located at 1105 Belt Line Road, Collinsville, IL only 12 miles from St. Louis.