Month: June 2013


“Do NOT be discouraged, Living Church of Christ! What is transpiring in America is evil and blasphemous, no doubt. But I must caution against the hyper-nationalism of America-centric thinking. GOD is bigger than America, and the KINGDOM of GOD and its advance is not determined by what happens or doesn’t happen in a puny supreme court in Washington, or what a pathetic little, arrogant, mocking Obama says or does not say. It all falls back to the church and what happens in our pulpits. If GOD uses these disappoints to take our eyes and our hopes off of Washington and politicians, I say HALLELUJAH! It’s time for the Church to declare an INDEPENDENCE DAY from fear or intimidation and begin to BOLDY proclaim the Gospel, for every tribe, people nation & tongue. The sun rose again this morning, and the SON is still building His Church!” -Pastor Myles Holmes-

Ministry Calendar – Attention CANADA, N New England!

I will be the evening speaker at Camp Evangeline, Debert, (Truro) Nova Scotia, Sun. July 28 – Fri. Aug. 2. Then Sun. Aug.4, morning & evening, I will be ministering at FULL GOSPEL Assembly, Killams Mills. The following week I will be in Orlando for the AG General Council, then Sunday Aug.11 I will be back home at REVIVE. Hope to see YOU somewhere in these travels! 🙂

A Father’s Day Blessing! (Sent to my 5, speak BLESSING over your’s!)

A Father’s Day Blessing Over My Children, Grandson and Those to Come…

 “In the Name of our Father GOD, the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Father of the Prophets and Apostles, and the Father of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ, I speak a Father’s Blessing on my children. You, my seed, will be mighty on the earth! You will be preserved, protected and promoted by the Favor of the LORD! You, my children, will be strong in the LORD and in the power of His might. You will know His Word and His Truth, it will be in your heart and in your hands, sharper than a two edged sword. You will be filled with His Spirit and live out your days on this earth as servants of the Most High! As your mother and I have passed this Legacy of Faith on to you, so you will hand the Torch of Truth on to your children and grandchildren. You will serve GOD by loving others, helping the hurting, comforting the lonely and rescuing the oppressed! Your marriages will be strong, intimate, sexual, fun, and an example to a lost world. You will know GOD’s Presence and Power even if you must walk through painful valleys. You, my children, will carry the Light of the Cross in a dark world. And you my children, at the end of your lives, will enter into the joys of Christ’s Presence for all eternity. By the Blood of the LAMB, your Dad on earth and your FATHER in Heaven decree all this to be so!” –Myles Holmes-  2013

Wake Up, WHITE Church!

“Time for some THOUGHTFUL analysis. USA TODAY reports this morning on the rapid shrinking of the non-Hispanic white majority. Last year for first time in America, there were more white deaths recorded than births. This is neither a positive thing or a negative thing. It is simply a FACT. Now, for some TRUTH, if you can handle the Truth! If you think this is GOOD news, you are RACIST! Conversely, if you think this is BAD news, you are RACIST! Here is another Thundering Thought to ponder, that speaks Truth to our church culture. These stats prove that if your church is ‘lily-white’ and you intend to stay that way, you are in a DYING church! Open your doors and hearts to ALL GOD’s People!” -Myles Holmes- ( I am working on my Spanish… ‘Canto Gloria Hallelujah, Christo Me Salvo!) 🙂