Month: April 2013

Stop the LYING!!

One of the gravest and greatest hindrances to the advance of the Cause of CHRIST in the last 100 years is the mistaken notion that only the ‘vocational-full-time-professional-5-fold-minister’ is truly called, equipped and anointed to minister! What a dreadful and costly lie! I DO believe in the office and authority of the sanctified, consecrated, called-out Man or Woman of God, (I am one, MAN, that is…) But we will never reach this world until we have another 21st century reformation of the Priesthood of all believers! Truck-drivers & plumbers for JESUS! Doctors, lawyers & teachers for CHRIST! Garbage collectors, dogcatchers & nuclear engineers for the King! Actors, counselors, psychologists  & news journalists for Righteousness! Politicians, lifeguards, astronauts & salesclerks for GOD! Veterinarians, farmers and restaurant-owners for the KINGdom! We simply MUST encourage preaching and teaching that calls young and old to honor GOD in every workplace and calling! This is the only way that Wall St and Hollywood and your Main St. will experience REVIVAL! Too many pulpits are filled with discouraged ministers who are there because they felt pressure that the only way to please GOD was by preaching! What if they were called to BUSINESS or POLITICS or INDUSTRY!   Tell the Truth, ALL GOD’s children are called, equipped, anointed and appointed to bear MUCH fruit, fruit that remains! This Sunday morning, preacher, tell your graduating High School students to dream B.I.G. (Believe In GOD) and use every skill and talent they possess to glorify GOD! And if they ARE called to preach, then let them PREACH! –Myles Holmes-


“In a violent, dark and dangerous world, in a culture that has lost its way, in a society that has changed far too quickly in all the wrong ways, when the best traditions are lost and forgotten, and the new ones are phony… 3 things remain steadfast and true and constant…Faith, Hope & Love; & the Greatest of these is LOVE!” -Myles Holmes-

Gratitude – FUTURE!

“Your life will begin to change when U realize that GRATITUDE is not only what U express for past blessings but it is a SEED sown for tomorrow’s Harvest! Watch the mumblers, critics & complainers reap as they’ve sown, then determine that U want a different crop in your Fabulous Future! Somebody say ‘Thank you LORD’ !” – Myles Holmes-

Wake up! jihadism grows in America!

“Wake up America! islamic-jihadist-terrorism lives, breathes and grows within our borders! The Boston bombers were muslim. Their Chechnyan origin has very little to do with it. The media is tripping, fumbling & mumbling trying to decipher how these brothers were ‘radicalized’. Here’s a clue. They read every word of the koran and many hadiths, believed, followed and obeyed the teachings. I have read the entire koran and many hadiths. I don’t believe or obey it. That’s the difference. If you want to disagree with my cogent analysis, let me know when you have finished reading every single word of the koran.” -Myles Holmes-

(On Reaching Men) From LECTURES TO MY STUDENTS / Spurgeon

A WORD TO PREACHERS & WANNABE Ministers! Spurgeon on How Pastors Can Better Connect with Men

Spurgeon points out why pastors are so often unaccepted socially by the men in their congregation:

“I am persuaded that one reason why our men so universally keep clear of ministers is because they abhor their artificial and unmanly ways. If they saw us, in the pulpit and out of it, acting like real men, and speaking naturally, like honest men, they would come around us.”

Here are 7 ways for pastors to improve their conversation with the men of their church:

1. A minister, wherever he is, is a minister, and should recollect that he is ALWAYS ON DUTY: “Be ready to do good even in your resting times and in your leisure hours; and so be really a minister, and there will be no need for you to proclaim that you are so.

2. The Christian minister out of the pulpit should be A SOCIABLE MAN: “He is not to be a hermit, or a monk…be a man among men…Some ministers need to be told they are of the same species as their hearers.”

3. The Christian minister should also BE VERY CHEERFUL: “I commend cheerfulness to all who would win souls; not levity and frothiness, but a genial happy spirit.”

4. Take CARE NOT TO MONOPOLIZE ALL THE CONVERSATION: “[Preachers] are quite qualified to do so, no doubt; I mean from their capacity to instruct, and readiness of utterance; but they must remember that people do not care to be perpetually instructed; they like to take a turn in the conversation themselves.” But also, “do not be a dummy. People make their estimate of you and your ministry by what they see of you in private as well as by your public deliverances.”

5. Try to TURN THE CONVERSATION TO PROFITABLE USE: “Be sociable and cheerful and all that, but labour to accomplish something…If your heart is in it and your wits are awake, this will be easy enough, especially if you breathe a prayer for guidance.”

6. DO NOT FREQUENT RICH MEN’S TABLES to gain their countenance, and never make yourself a sort of general hanger-on at tea-parties and entertainments: “Who are you that you should be dancing attendance upon this wealthy man and the other, when the Lord’s poor, his sick people, and his wandering sheep require you? To sacrifice the study for the parlour is criminal.”

7. The minister SHOULD BE FIRM FOR HIS PRINCIPLES, and bold to avow and defend them in all companies: “Strong in his principles, earnest in his tone, and affectionate in heart, let him speak out like a man and thank God for the privilege.” Charles Spurgeon

The Ultimate Daily Question!

It was a question first posed to me by my great-gramma, Nana. Then my grandmother, Mackie, often asked.  And my grandfather. Then my mother would check up on me regularly. And my Dad. I can remember being overworked, studying hard in college in senior year carrying the full-time job of College year-book editor, and my righteous blonde Babe of a fiancee would ask me the same question on a long-distance phone call from Toronto. The correct answer to this question is the ONLY foundation of permanent, consistent, dynamic, on-going REVIVAL-Fires burning! And now, I ask you the same question…   “HAVE YOU BEEN WITH JESUS TODAY?”