Month: March 2013



I had a friend a few years ago that we heard had disappeared in a hurricane, with his father and a friend. Their boat sank and for three days they were missing. Hearts were breaking, families were shattered! Helicopters, planes, boats and Coast Guard searched the Gulf of Mexico, while we wept, we prayed, we waited and believed, and we prayed some more. Finally a phone call, “He’s alive, he’s alive and well!” What overwhelming joy! That reminded me, in a very small way, of what must have happened that first Resurrection Morning 2000 years ago! And remember, they were NOT expecting good news. On Resurrection morning, the message reverberated throughout the universe, “HE’S ALIVE, He’s alive! JESUS is alive! Now let me ask you, how has that reality impacted your life? He paid for your entrance into His Kingdom, His Forever-Family, His Abundant-Life-Promise! THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING! Your future, your past, your marriage, your family, your dreams, your eternity, your very reason and purpose for life and living! Let’s LIVE the Truth, because HE LIVES! REVIVE.

Religious Freedom In America

Religious Freedom in America

REVIVE stands boldly and unapologetically for Faith, Family, Freedom and the Flag! We are not Hyper-nationalists, and we do not worship the Republic of the USA, but we are grateful for our liberties and the religious freedom in America established by our founding fathers. That freedom is under attack! From a university professor’s assignment to stomp on the name of Jesus, to the fight against Christmas and the 10 Commandments, the federal government’s continued attack on the freedom of religious conscience through the health care mandate, the continuing threat of the islamic agenda and the gay marriage agenda… ad infinitum. All of this is designed to at least marginalize the church, minimize our voice and eventually FORBID freedom of religious thought, dissent, speech and exercise. There are serious attempts in this nation to pervert our freedom OF religion into freedom FROM religion! If we do not turn the tide back to absolute freedom of conscience, thought, speech and religion, within a very few short years, pastors in America will be imprisoned for speaking the truth. If you think that is overstated, please read your history of how Germany’s churches were swallowed up by Nazism slowly but surely. At REVIVE, we will not be silent, we will not hide, and we will not go away! We fight every evil and we extend the very great Grace and overwhelming Love of GOD to sinners, knowing that a Heaven-sent Revival is truly the only hope for America. This is what we live for! REVIVE.” -Pastor Myles Holmes- REVIVE

Name Change to REVIVE

What a glorious privilege to pastor such a creative, visionary, prophetic, forward- looking family of GOD! Tied strongly to our Pentecostal, Spirit-filled heritage, grateful to be tightly connected with our world-shaking, dynamic Assemblies of GOD fellowship, we are boldly grasping a new calling and new identity! After last night’s passage of these decisions, you will notice a new NAME. We are now REVIVE. That’s right, this church will now be known as REVIVE. The official, legal corporate name is… REVIVE ASSEMBLY OF GOD, Inc. Now, let’s DO it! Come on, REVIVE, let’s REVIVE this world!

Cursed Ministries & Ministers! A WARNING!

Cursed Ministers and Ministries! A WARNING!

Cursed is he who does the work of the Lord deceitfully, and cursed is he who keeps his sword from blood.  Jeremiah 48:10

Ministers who perform deceitfully, for profit, power or position and not solely for the glory of God and His Kingdom are cursed.

Keeping a clean sword that has never seen the blood of battle speaks of a fearful ministry. The silence of political correctness in the pulpit and the church is a cursed thing. The preacher is cursed who refuses to battle the islamic evil, the homosexual agenda, the horror of abortion. The minister is cursed who never speaks of hell, sin, judgment and wrath to come. Any fear of man, media or mocking brings a curse!

Preacher, tell the truth come hell or high water! Realize that only 800 of Germany’s 14,000 evangelical pastors spoke out against Hitler. Only 5% of Germany’s pastors had swords that drew blood! Preachers, fight a good fight of faith! Proclaim God’s Grace, Mercy and Salvation, through our only Hope, the Cross of CHRIST!  And never ever hold back the Truth, the Whole Counsel of GOD.  Pastor Myles Holmes


On this first day of SPRING, let me prophesy into you new LIFE, new growth, Resurrection Power, the warmth of the SONshine of His Love producing new sprouts and buds of vision, harvest, ideas, innovations that will produce Glorious Fruit of Joy, Peace and Prosperity! Winter is past, you survived, now THRIVE! Go touch your world

Qualifications for Ministry

As I was praying and speaking the Word, prophesying, Installing and Commissioning our new Associate Pastor as well as our new youth Pastor yesterday morning, I was stirred by this thought! Leaving aside for a moment, the obvious need for a definite CALL of GOD to vocational Ministry… I am deeply moved by the overwhelming evidence in the New Testament that the greatest and predominant qualification for ministry is not ability, gifts, talent, skill, competence, education, connections, etc. It is without a doubt…ATTITUDE!! The humble heart of a servant! GOD bless all the Ministers who get this!  And GOD help the followers of the leaders who don’t! 

Political islam expert speaking tonite!

TONITE!! 7pm at First Assembly of God, 1105 Belt Line Road, Collinsville, IL (only 12 miles from St. Louis) a vitally important meeting with Dr. Bill Warner. Spread the word about this session with one of America’s leading experts on the threat of radical islam’s encroaching influence in America.