Month: December 2012

Champions, Choices & the New Year!

“CHANGE… real, permanent, lasting, valuable and positive change comes one decision at a time! YEAR-END is a wonderful time to evaluate where we are in relation to LIFE-GOALS and determine what simple realignments must be made. A great tool is a daily list of DON’Ts & DO’S. 5 Things to do daily, and 5 things to reject daily. After just 21 days, these practices will become habitual, and much easier, and eventually, enjoyable. They could be choices as to what you will refuse to SAY, EAT, etc. And what you WILL READ, how you WILL WRITE, WILL PRAY, etc. Remember, CHAMPIONS are made by daily CHOICES. No one ever wins a Gold Medal by chance. Nobody ever gets to the top of MT. Everest by accident! Keep climbing!” -Myles Holmes-

12/12/12!! Does it mean anything?

It’s 12/12/12! Does that mean anything?
Well, it’s pretty cool and it doesn’t happen that often. But it follows a pattern. There was a 9/9/9, a 10/10/10, 11/11/11 and there will be a… wait a minute! There will be no 13/13/13! The Mayans were right! AGGGHHHHH!! LOL! Just kidding. The Mayans were savage, demon- worshiping heathens who sacrificed their infants. GOD did not inform them as to the

end of the world.
Back to today. Does this repetitive number date have any significance? A lot of preachers and teachers think so. (Especially when trying to raise MONEY!!) After all, there were 12 tribes of Israel, 12 disciples, 12 months of the year, 12 hours on our clock, 12 Days of Christmas and 12 donuts in a dozen. I choose to be very careful about charging numbers with a lot of spiritual significance. One reason is because this type of thing is actually not Christian in origin but very pagan. Ancient mythologies, Hinduism and Islam all put significance on the number 12 for example. 12 is simply a number. A natural number which falls between 11 and 13.
There are other numbers in Scripture that have been repeated and we can see them used over and over again. The number seven, number 40, etc. but attaching them to a calendar date is not something that I believe has any special blessing from heaven. Now, with all that in mind, I do believe you can choose any date, including this one which is unique, to mark a special designation of a new day, a new season, a fresh dedication and consecration to God’s purposes in your life. And if you want to believe that 12 is a special remembrance of Order, Dominion and Government, I have no problem with that. Let’s all say that today and every day from here on we’re going to live under God’s Dominion, do all things decently and in order to pray for God’s Government and Kingdom rule to increase in our hearts, homes and our churches! May His Kingdom come and His Will be done!- Pastor Myles Holmes