It’s the morning after the morning after… a few things to keep in mind… the sun is still rising in the east…GOD is still GOD….JESUS is still LORD….the SPIRIT is still moving…the Church is still advancing… the Battle for Truth & Freedom is about to get thicker….prophecies are unfolding…GOD is still looking for servants filled with His Power…now is not the time to go AWOL…we are Soldiers of the Cross!



  1. OH, and what a beautiful sunrise it was this morning! I’m just thrilled to see the sun today; it’s so warming! Jesus IS Lord!

  2. Pastor, Great morning!

    Chris and I won’t be able to attend the new member’s class Nov 17; we have our Neice/Goddaughter’s 13th birthday party to attend. Chris mentioned that you would have another class; that would be great. No rush! We’ll wait! 🙂
    This month has us traveling a lot. We’re done traveling after that for a while. Have a wonderful day in the Lord, Patricia

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