GOD’s Will and Elections

Before we have any clue as to the outcome of this election…. (and you should all know that I am fervently praying that we GET FIT WITH MITT & STOP THE LYIN’ WITH RYAN!) it must be restated that GOD’s will is not determined by elections. The peoples’ will is determined by elections. Consider that Hitler was democratically elected, certainly NOT GOD’s will. GOD’s people, Israel, demanded a King, despite GOD’s clear warning, and in direct rebellion to GOD’s plan, insisted and GOD gave in to THEIR will. Not everything that happens on this earth is GOD’s will. So, let’s steer clear of claiming “GOD’s will was done”, no matter what happens. Ultimately, in the long view of prophetic fulfillment, GOD will have the last Word.

One comment

  1. Thank you, my friend. We are in shock and grief at this turn of events having done all we could to turn our nation around. Still, we will soldier on.

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