Month: May 2012

Top 50 Reasons My Next 50 Will Be My Best 50

The Top 50 Reasons Why the Next 50 Years  Will Be the Best 50 years of My Life!

Pastor Myles Holmes                                                

  1. Because I will have more grandchildren!
  2. Because I will still be married to the girl of my dreams who becomes more beautiful with every passing day!
  3. Because my 5 children will continue living out their dreams and destinies and callings!
  4. Because I will be wiser in my second 50 than my first 50!
  5. Because I will enjoy the blessing of lifelong friends!
  6. Because I will publish the books that are burning inside me!
  7. Because I will live to see more diseases conquered and cured by new discoveries!
  8. Because in the next 50 years, mankind will discover a way to make real pralines and cream ice cream with no calories attached!
  9. Because mankind will discover an easy way to have a lush green lawn with no weeds and little mowing!
  10. Because I will eventually have great-grandchildren!
  11. Because new songs will be written- a) new love songs that express what is almost inexpressible to my sweet Angel Valerie- b) new worship songs will be written, songs that release what is deep in our spirits to celebrate and adore almighty God!
  12. Because at some point I will have no more mortgage payments!
  13. Because people from long exposure to my character, will know me too well to believe my critics!
  14. Because all through the next 50 years, I will make new friends and new relationships!
  15. Because I will grow even more compassionate …merciful… gentle and patient!
  16. Because I will learn new things, new skills, as a result of continuing to read and grow!
  17. Because there will be revealed more and more discoveries of the incredibly complex design of the universe, the planet and the human body, which will turn many to consider the Creator!
  18. Because being a gentleman ( having a measure of self-respect and personal dignity and taking personal responsibility for actions, attitudes and behavior) might very possibly become fashionable again!
  19. Because I’m going to take my angel Valerie on a romantic cruise somewhere warm, more than once or twice!
  20. Because I may very possibly own a motorcycle and smile every time I cruise by a gas station!
  21. Because doing P90-X with Pastor Manny in the afternoons will soon reap amazing results in my body!
  22. Because I have lived long enough to see that angry, bitter man often die too young!
  23. Because I have come to understand that you can only learn by listening, not talking!
  24. Because, in the next 50 years of my life, the reward of years of tithing, sowing and giving will be enjoyed by my family!
  25. Because the Incredible Power of Love and Forgiveness in my life will reap huge rewards!
  26. Because the Word of God which I’ve studied for years will only multiply and increase in my soul and spirit!
  27. Because prayer and the Presence of GOD will become even richer and sweeter in my life!
  28. Because in many ways, I will find myself more and more reflecting the life of my Dad and all he invested in me!
  29. Because the older I get, life will become even more precious, every single moment!
  30. Because despite darkness increasing on the earth, God’s people will arise and shine!
  31. Because prophecies concerning Israel and the end times will continue to unfold!
  32. Because in the next 50 years I could possibly die and go to heaven!
  33. Because I will be taking teams from First Assembly on short-term missions trips around the world!
  34. Because First Assembly will become bonded together in absolute and total unity where God can command the blessing!
  35. Because First Assembly will continue to be a leading church in the Assemblies of God touching the world through global missions!
  36. Because First Assembly of God will continue to grow in influence and impact on this region and the world!
  37. Because the Holy Spirit will be poured out on all flesh!
  38. Because the Holy Spirit’s  anointing will still break yokes and set captives free!
  39. Because the church will continue to grasp, embrace and use new technologies to spread the good news of Jesus Christ!
  40. Because the Bible will probably be translated into the last known language on the planet!
  41. Because the gifts of the Holy Spirit will still be in operation!
  42. Because wisdom will still be available to everyone who asks!
  43. Because Jesus will still be healing bodies!
  44. Because Jesus will still save sinners!
  45. Because Jesus will be the same yesterday today and forever!
  46. Because Jesus will continue to build His Church that the gates of hell cannot prevail against!
  47. Because God’s Word will still be true!
  48. Because God will still answer prayer!
  49. Because the world will experience the greatest revival that this planet has ever seen!
  50. Because in the next 50 years of my life, very possibly (and perhaps probably) Jesus Christ will return for His Bride!