Month: February 2012

7 Keys 2 Unlocking Your Pupose!

Seven Keys to Unlocking Your Purpose

P.U.R.P.O.S.E …  Provides Unlimited Reward Program of Self-control & Excellence!

Jesus knew why He was here… “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil.”

Isaiah 14:24 – 27 GOD always has a PURPOSE! There is nothing random in His Kingdom!

Psalm 20:4 You can find your purpose, and when you do will also find joy, passion and energy.

The sad laments – “Why am I here?” The joyfully exuberant exclaims- “This is what I was born for!”

Purpose is always centered in changing people’s lives, in what you leave behind, in what you will be remembered for. Purpose is always centered in others. The difference you will make on earth may not be what you are paid to do.

Seven Keys to Unlock Your Purpose.

1.    Turn from the general to the specific.

    (It’s easy to say “I want to give God Glory”  but requires effort to meet a tangible need)

     James warns us of the emptiness of saying to a cold or hungry person, “Be blessed, be warm…”.

    Many people will say in general “I want my church to grow”.. Well then, drive the van, pick up somebody, invite your specific! Take specific action!

     Others will complain in general…”Kids today are a mess, have no discipline, don’t know the Word!”… That’s easy…want to find pupose? Teach Sunday School! Become a Royal Rangers leader!

2.    Move from the temporary to the long-term.

    “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish, you have fed him and his family for a lifetime”!

We love quick fixes, Micro-wave answers,short-term applications, instant solutions.

  Takes just weeks to grow a squash but years to grow  an oak tree! Here in the Kingdom, we invest for the long-term- ETERNITY!

3.   Transition from roles to relationships. So vitally important if you want to discover your purpose that you can tell the difference between the two!

     Roles=Rules  /  Relationship=Grace

     Roles= Temporary   /  Relationship=Lifelong

     Roles= Authority-who’s in Charge /  Relationship= Serving

     Roles=systems,policies, procedures /   Relationship=PEOPLE

4.    Exchange a mediocre mentality for an attitude of excellence.

    Good enough is never good enough!

    Excellence gets noticed and rewarded! Not legalism or perfectionism! But “I will do my best, and if that’s not quite enough, I’ll do what’s required!”

5.    Step out of laissez-faire laziness into disciplined direction.

2 Types of people…those who let life happen, and those who plan their day!

Time is the most valuable resource you have. You trade your time for everything else you want…money, friendship, fitness, learning, entertainment… Only 3% of educated westerners have taken the time to have written down their life-goals, but that 3% control 90% of the wealth of the West!

6.    Reverse the lamentation over what you can’t do to a celebration of what you can.

Discover your skills, talents, what energizes you, what you enjoy, what you love inspiring others to do. Consider Nick Vojieck for one! No limbs, but lives a Life Without Limits! (VIDEO)

7.    Switch from mental rationalization to faith filled expectation.

We are trained and conditioned from earliest memories to think in the negative. No. Impossible. Too far. Too high! Can’t be done. But those who live a life of purpose DREAM BIG DREAMS! Start asking “what if and why not”?

Martin Luther, William Wilberforce, Martin Luther King Jr., Billy Graham all dared to dream! The Wright brothers flew even though they were the FIRST! Remember, someone always has to be FIRST!

Harry Truman said  “Men make history and not the other way around. In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better.”


 “Only one life so soon it will pass only what’s done for Christ will last, only one chance to do his will, so give to Jesus all your days it’s the only life that pays when you recall you have but one life.”

The apostle Paul “Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God, and as for me, for me to live is Christ and to die is gain.” Now, that is purpose!      Pastor Myles Holmes


The DEEP Things, and learning to smile again!

“The deep things of God cannot be reached by skimming the shallow shoals of WORD-less compromise & PRAYER-less lethargy. Yet, spiritual depth must never be confused with arrogance or hubris. It is only demonstrated by consistent CHRIST-like character & compassion. Remember that fear is your enemy, faith is your friend. Doubt is your saboteur, dreams are your fuel. Quitting is your defeat, perseverance is your answer. If no one has told you lately, let me say … I believe in you… hold on, the end is better than the beginning!. Now,
if your heart is broken, bleeding, bruised and hurting; understand my friend, that means you can still feel, it means your heart is not hardened, stone-cold and bitter, and that is GOOD news… all of that means you will love again, you will laugh again, you will dance again, your heart will sing and soar and smile again! ” – Myles Holmes

Death to Random! Embrace Passionate Purpose!

” Death to Random! Embrace passionate PURPOSE, rational REASON, a wonderful WHY for everything you do! eg. My “opportunity clock” rings at 5:17am every day… Why? To connect my spirit mind soul & body to 2 Cor.5:17 “Anyone in Christ is a new creation, old things passed away, all things become new.” A new day, new mercies, new glories, new opportunities… ask yourself, “Precisely why do I do what I do?” – Myles Holmes

Don’t Whine, WIN!!

“The rain falls on the just and the unjust. The FOOLISH whine, wimper and wallow in the muck and the mire of the mud. The WISE know the sun will shine again, so they get busy sowing seeds and planting a garden. You see, winners don’t whine, whiners don’t win. Slackers don’t succeed, the successful don’t slack. Quitters can’t conquer, conquerors won’t quit. Doubters get what they expect, visionaries dare to believe and they receive. Without faith you cannot please God, BELIEVE that He is a rewarder of diligent seekers! Now… put a smile on your pretty face, get out there and work hard and get your harvest”! Myles Holmes

The Link Between Moral & Fiscal Conservatism

I am often asked why I insist that there is a link between moral and fiscal conservatism. There is a very simple and direct line of correlation. Keep this in mind the next time someone suggests that “social conservatives should just shut up so that we can get a fiscal conservative elected!”
Here is just ONE example of the link…the holocaust of abortion, killing off at least 100 million Americans (50 mil plus their descendants)
means we are entering a demographic winter, with nowhere near enough young tax-paying workers to support a drastically aging population.
Which in turn, requires an influx of immigrants to support the population, most of whom are diametrically and intrinsically opposed to the most basic American values. Europe has already been lost, America must wake up!

I challenge you to find even one political leader who will even approach this conversation.

The LOVE Month!! XOXO

February! The LOVE month! 🙂 I LOVE LOVE! And I LOVE the LOVE of my life, My Angel Valerie! I LOVE LOVING! LOVE living in LOVE & Love LOVERS! But how the world is deceived! Lust & personal pleasure is not love. “Getting your needs met” is not LOVE! Keep it pure & holy & GODLY! The OPPOSITE of LOVE is not HATE, it is SELFISHNESS! Get back to the WORD, the only true LOVER’s manual!