Month: January 2012

The Trouble with the I HATE RELIGION BUT LOVE JESUS Video

It’s gone viral, more than 9 million views and it has a few problems.I am SURE the speaker, meant well, means well, loves the Lord, is born again, and we’ll see him in Glory. However, there are a few glaring issues;

a) (“we are not slaves”) TRUTH: the Bible literally says WE ARE slaves of Christ. ¬†
b) (“Jesus came to destroy religion”) TRUTH: Jesus was a very Religious, Observant Jew, who came to FULFILL the Law, not destroy it (Jesus’ words, not mine)

(“Religion causes more wars”, suggestion that church hasn’t cared for hungry, hurting, etc) TRUTH: …FALSE religion and communism/atheism/nazism/islamism etc. has caused the wars of history & today TRUTH: The religion of Christianity has started¬† the hospitals, orphanages, universities, feeding centers, missions, leper colonies, stopped the slave trade, freed women, advanced science, I could go on and on…. The Church has ALWAYS ministered to the poor, sick, hungry, and hurting and still does.

3) CULTURAL INACCURACIES: I am certain it was not his intent to play into the hands of atheists, but that is exactly what the TONE of the video accomplishes. In tarnishing Religion with the broad brush he uses, he quotes the very charges that GOD haters have used for centuries. RELIGION is a Bible word, (It’s in the Bible) positive, wonderful and redeeming. The poet would have been far more accurate had he focused on HYPOCRISY, rather than slam religion, which is what ALL atheists do, and way too many PREACHERS do as well, in their ignorance.

4) MODERN HUBRIS: My final thought requires a little more deep historical analysis. What I call MODERN HUBRIS has affected every generation of young believers for centuries, not just the 21st. That is the subtle temptation to believe that only two groups of followers of Jesus REALLY get it! The ORIGINAL disciples and US! MODERN HUBRIS ignores the history of 2000 years of explosive, vibrant, real, Jesus-loving, sacrificial, caring, religion, pouring forth from churches onto needy streets, ignores all that as if it never happened. As a young, ON FIRE, believer grows older, does a lot more reading, discovers men of history like William Wilberforce, Augustine, etc, they realize the deep gratitude we owe to all previous generations. That’s my 2 cents worth.