Month: July 2011

Revival and Sexual Purity!

I believe many of you are like me, you are grateful for pockets of revival, you’re thankful for how God is moving around the world. But you hunger for more. You desire greater demonstration of God’s power in these last days. You are tired of MAN-Infestation, you want to see New Testament manifestation of God’s glory in the 21st century. Not hype and man-made hysteria, not slick marketing and clever programming but a real genuine outpouring of God’s Spirit that truly changes the course of nations and history. Well, I believe there is one secret that shouldn’t be a secret at all because it’s written in plain language in scripture. I believe it’s clear in scripture that the last days outpouring of the Spirit of God will come to a church and a people of God that have finally learned to walk in purity. Moral purity. Sexual integrity. The time has come to an end when we can tolerate a loose spirit of immorality in the pulpit or the pew. I’m not talking about being judges running around condemning and ready to throw the first stone. Of course not. We are saved by Grace and we are kept by Grace, and we’ll all be called home one day by Grace and Grace alone. However, I believe God is calling his church back to a purity of heart and practice that is absolutely essential if we are going to see God move supernaturally in these last days. It’s time we get sick to our stomach of the constant stream of news of sexual sin in the pulpit, ministers trading in their old wife for a younger model and declaring it’s God’s will and all kinds of loose living. I honestly believe this is one of God’s last day’s messages to the church. we simply must to do our part to preach, teach, share, declare and demonstrate the joy and the power of walking in moral integrity with no compromise for the spirit of the world that has entrapped much of the Kingdom today. I believe immorality and sexual perversion in the church is one of satan’s primary tools to rob us of our power to dominate nations. Do you want power over the nation’s? Then we need to do four things.
1) Deal with sexual perversion –
2) Live in personal purity-
3) Minister deliverance to the struggling-
4) Minister rescue to the enslaved and oppressed.
5) Celebrate sex in MARRIAGE!
More on those 5 points in just a moment.
You can find this word in Revelation 2: 20-26. Take time to read it. Look at the rebuke, followed by the prophetic promise of power. This is astonishing it it’s clear application! He who overcomes the spirit of Jezebel-sexual immorality!! That includes perversion, fornication, adultery, abortion, (which is the attempt to bury the results of our sexual choices), lust, pornography, homosexuality .. whoever overcomes, to him, to her, to that church, Jesus said, I will give power over the nation’s. Wow! What a promise! And what a clue to our lack of power! If the church intends to dominate nations we must clean up our act. We must demonstrate loving marriages, satisfying lifetime relationships, purity and Godly lifestyles. We must guard our eyes, our thoughts and our relationships to always bring God the glory and protect our families, marriages, churches and communities from the scourge of sexual sin. If you have failed God in this area, please understand, there is healing, grace and mercy and there is a road back. There is an open door! There is restoration. Don’t believe for a minute the lies of the devil that you’ve gone too far. Make him pay sorely for what he stolen from you. Give God the rest of your life to walk in integrity, freedom and purity. To the rest of the church, stop believing that this is no big deal! I beg you, in the Name of Jesus, let’s stop compromising, let’s stop excusing sin in ourselves and others, let’s stop tolerating the enemy making a mockery of our faith and our pulpits by enticing us to believe that this is a minor issue. It’s not. It’s huge! Nations are its stake.

1) Deal with sexual perversion -We need a zero tolerance policy! Stop
2) Live in personal purity- We must stand for holiness and righteousness again.
3) Minister deliverance to the struggling- Get involved in counseling, intervening, breaking demonic curses. Some sexual bondages are demonic in origin and nature
4) Minister rescue to the enslaved and oppressed. Millions around the world are trafficked as sexual slaves. Just as the Church was at the forefront of the fight against slavery generations ago, this is the call for rescue to this generation’s believers. Live for something bigger than yourself. Rescue the perishing. Reach out to the prostitutes in your city. There are ministries that will train you. Let’s be the light and hope of Christ to the dying world! I can see an army of older women with their arms around young street-girls, saying come home, come home to Jesus! Let me be your Mom, your grandmother! I dare you to see what kind of Holy Spirit Fire you can ignite in your community!
5) Celebrate a happy, holy, healthy. sexual relationship in your marriage. Keep it secret and sizzling, but never be private about your love for your wife/husband. Read Song of Solomon!

Now, for the good news. Settle this issue once and for all and watch God begin to give you power over the nations. If you’re a businessman, that might mean your business is about to go multinational. If you’re a minister, preacher, prophet, pastor, evangelist, that might mean God will give you the nations to lay at His Feet. If you’re a prayer warrior, that might mean your intercession will finally begin to shake nations to bow before Jesus. Power over the nations. Authority over entire countries. Sounds like a pretty good reward for living right!

America’s Debt Crisis…Can You Handle the Truth?!!

Can you handle the truth? These are the facts that America refuses to face. Our current debt crisis and ongoing economic threats are directly tied to our moral choices. Abortion has permanently altered our demographics, leaving America with at least 100 million missing taxpayers contributors and giving us an unsustainable aging population that will soon have no safety net of younger workers. (do the math…. 40 to 50,000,000 abortions and all the children they would have had.) If you don’t believe America is about to collapse under her own weight of debt and SIN, you are as clueless as our politicians. Our only hope is to repent and return to God. He will provide for the righteous. It is time to pray. It is time to pray against a president who last week boasted that he was the most pro-gay president in history. It is time to pray against a president who is doing nothing to stem the tide of abortion in this nation. Obama can turn to God. He can repent and boldly lead this nation back to GOD. But let us remember, that judgment begins in the House of God. Our pastors, preachers and pulpits must become ablaze with the Fire of God and His Truth. I dare you preacher, to tell the truth about our economic crisis in your message this Sunday morning and call your church to prayer. God will answer, He always has answered the prayers of a humbled, praying, fasting people. The question is, do we love our people enough to tell them the truth?

Myles Holmes