Pastor Holmes Powerhouse International

Pastor Holmes Powerhouse International

 The Powerhouse

You are a reservoir of potential! You are a storehouse of possibilities! You are a fountain of feasibility! You are a vessel of victories! You are a quiver full of conquests! You are a mine of miracles! Start telling yourself the truth because only knowing the truth can set you free! The truth is, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. The truth is, no weapon formed against you shall prosper. The truth is, you have the mind of Christ! The truth is, greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.

Start confessing and acting on the Word of GOD. There is nothing impossible with GOD, and He says there is nothing impossible to one who believes. Stop limiting yourself with those defeatist, complaining, negative thoughts and speech habits.

So, you have failed. Does that mean you should quit? So, you are discouraged. Does that mean you are done? So, you’ve lost your dream. Does that mean you cannot birth a new vision? So you have been disappointed. Does that mean you can’t have a new appointment? Life is a series of starting over, of Divine Second Chances and of Supernatural Sources of Strength for New Seasons!

The rest of your life can be the best of your life, as you trust the One who holds the future in the palm of His Hand and holds you close to His Heart!

Confess this today, say it out loud, repeat it 10 times or more if needed, until you start to believe it and feel it.   “I was created to create, to contribute and to conquer. I was redeemed to be an overcomer. I’m strong enough for this battle, and I’m big enough for this mountain.  By God’s Grace, I am a powerhouse of faith!

The Preacher’s Helpers

Myles Holmes Int’l Research and Development Team

I can’t live long enough to every make every mistake… so I must learn from the mistakes of others. I can’t live long enough to have every experience… so I must learn from the experience of others.   I can’t live long enough to know every kind of success …so I must learn from the success of others.

I learn from others by …watching,  observing, listening, by taking notes, by asking questions, by reading the right books.

What else should we learn from others and how else can we learn from them?

E-mail your thoughts to

The Praying Hands

Sweet hour of prayer… that calls me from the world of care, and  bids me at my Father’s Throne….

When is the last time you spent an hour alone with Jesus?  I know we have the privilege of communing with God on an ongoing basis,  “praying without ceasing”… while driving the car… mowing the lawn… washing the dishes.  But don’t neglect the closet time as well.  Take the time and make the time to focus in prayer – distractions minimized,  heart softened,  GOD  has your undivided attention. Start with 10 minutes daily, or a half hour. It is vital to make a daily appointment with God and keep it. You will never regret a moment spent in His Presence. You are too busy not to pray! “Shut in with God in the secret place, there in the spirit beholding His Face, gaining new power to run in life’s race, I choose to be shut in  with GOD.”

If our prayer teams can pray for you and intercede about any need in your life, let us know today. Send your prayer request to

 Prophetic Hi-Lites

The recent killing of Islamic terrorist Bin Laden created a minor, temporary bump in the polls for Obama, but only a slight readjusting of the center of control of the  jihadist agenda for world-wide dominance through an islamic caliphate. Our world is not any safer. My son Zack, a Special Ops Mountain Recon soldier in the Canadian Army will be back in Afghanistan by the end of this month, and believe me, he is under no illusion that our world is suddenly a sweeter place.  If you want to be highly informed as to where we are in the prophetic time line, I highly recommend two books, one from a secular/demographic point of view and the other from a Biblical/prophetic view. The first is Mark Steyn’s AMERICA ALONE The End of the World as We Know it and the second is Joel Richardson’s THE ISLAMIC ANTICHRIST The Shocking truth about the Real Nature of the Beast .  These two books are among the most important volumes of the last 50 years. Read them and let me know how they have impacted your understanding of our times.

 Places and Happenings

First Assembly’s annual WEE CARE Baby Shower Community Outreach, Saturday, May 14, 9am.  Contact Susan Lawson to volunteer or donate to this powerful statement of LOVE and LIFE! The moms we are honoring and helping have chosen NOT to abort but to give LIFE! This is the Body of CHRIST in action!
Sunday, May 15 10:45 at First Assembly of GOD  Family Day
                             An original,hilarious Stage Play written by Pastor Holmes
                             Dr. Whoopsicut to the Rescue!
Pastor Holmes and Pastor Manny will make you laugh till you cry, then bring children to the saving knowledge of CHRIST. Bring your kids and grandkids!
Sunday 6pm  Christians United for Israel Sunday and Pastor Holmes speaking on SERVING THE GOD OF NEW THINGS!
Mon-Wed, Pastor & Valerie will be in Springfield, IL attending the AG Illinois District Council
Thur.- Sat.  They will be in South Dakota visiting with their son Zack and wife Ripley before he heads back to the war in Afghanistan.
Be sure to visit our website…
Be Blessed!  Psalm 115:14-15
Pastor Myles Holmes
First Assembly of God, 1105 Belt Line Road, Collinsville, IL 62234
(serving Metro-East Saint Louis)

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  1. I love the powerhouse of faith affirmation!! You should print it in the church bulletin for a month!!!

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