Month: April 2011

Why Miss the Blessing?

Why would you dare miss one thing that has the potential to dramatically improve your life? I spent a few hours digging into these amazing facts. And here is just some of what I found…

It has to do with one particular activity, which I will tell you about in just a moment, but listen carefully because individuals who are involved in this one weekly habit have ….

1) Marriages that are happier and healthier sexually. (University of Virginia)

2) A Lower risk of depression, and they rebound from depression 70% faster than the general population. (Indiana University)

3) A Lower incidence of alcoholism or drug abuse personally or in their family. (University of California)

4) An Increased life span of 7-8 years. It was the single most dependable factor in increasing life span in a survey of several thousand. (University of California)

5) Children with better attitudes, who get better grades in school, compared to the general population (University of Iowa)

6) This activity has been proven to help the poor move out of poverty into the middle class. (Heritage Foundation)

7) This activity reduces crime and violence. (National Institute for Health Care Research)

8) It improves the odds for a very happy life. (Heritage Foundation)

9) Doing this at least weekly cuts your risk of heart attack and stroke, boosts the immune system and reduces blood pressure.. (University of Iowa)

10) Fathers who are involved at least weekly in this activity are more involved with their children’s lives and are more affectionate with them than fathers in the general population. (University of Virginia)

11) It also produces lower death rates from cardiac, respiratory and digestive diseases. (National Institute of Aging)

12) And it improves mental health and sense of well being and hope. (John Hopkins)

Well, you may or may not have figured it out by now, but the exciting news is that we are talking about the statistically, scientifically proven benefits of …regular, habitual church attendance! That’s right, universities, researchers and health statisticians are finding out what should not surprise any believer… going to church is very good for you and your marriage, kids and your health! Now today, we are not going to tackle the spiritual benefits, the worship, prayer, teaching, preaching, fellowship, instruction, protection and grace that is found in Christian community, but I will remind you that this healthy habit is not a social option for a follower of Christ. If you are in health and able, we are told by Scripture in Heb.10:25 that we are not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching. I know you have a sense like I do that the day of his appearing is approaching quickly, so let’s reap all the benefits of obeying His instruction, see you in church this Sunday!

Myles Holmes  Faith-Coach & Pastor