Prayerful partnership opportunity for outreach to closed country

Prayerful partnership opportunity for outreach to closed country

For obvious security reasons I cannot give you the name of the country I am traveling to on an open forum like this blog. But I am so very excited to share with many of you that I’ve ministered to on television over the years, or in a church I’ve pastored or whom I’ve found fellowship with here on the World Wide Web.

One month from today I will be on a plane traveling to a nation which severely persecutes followers of Jesus Christ. Everyday we hear of our brothers and sisters in this nation being arrested, interrogated, imprisoned and often never heard from again. I will have the glorious and humble privilege of training young pastors whose very lives are on the line for their dedication to Christ and His Word. I am asking you to partner with me in prayer for God’s presence and anointing to be very rich in my life during these days of ministry.

Every battle and struggle in my life and ministry suddenly looks like a joke when considering that these precious men and women of God who will be sitting under my ministry could actually be imprisoned if they are caught. I am humbled by this opportunity. Although I have preached the Word of God since I was 16 years of age across Canada, the US, Israel , Trinidad, the Caribbean Islands and 11 mission trips to Haiti, I have never been more aware of my need to be hidden behind the cross and simply a voice for the Shepherd to use to bless his  people. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will speak through me in a way that will impact these lives and strengthen their ministries. I have no fear for my personal safety, I am certain the worst that could happen to me if I were discovered not to be merely a tourist is that I would be questioned and very quickly returned to America.

I would also ask that you keep my family in prayer as I am away. Pray God’s blessing on Valerie and our staff as they minister at First Assembly in my absence.

Finally, please prayerfully consider making a contribution to the expenses of this trip. A ministry has generously provided for the entire air-fare, praise GOD! However, there are other expenses which need to be taken care of within the next week.  Any seed of any size planted toward this ministry will be receipted for charitable giving purposes. Much more than that, as you and I realize that to whom much is given, much is required, our heart-full of gratitude to GOD compels us to give so that this world can be reached and our persecuted brothers and sisters encouraged. If funds come in in excess of my needs, they will be used to bring more national pastors to the training.

I would dearly love to hear from you. If you will commit to pray for me during this challenging trip, if you would like to know the city and the nation I am travelling to, if you feel led by the Spirit to assist in sending me there with an offering, please email me at    for all the details.

I will be happy to tell you where I am headed,  however I must insist that you keep the destination confidential .  The entire trip could be jeopardized and the safety of the national pastors put in question  if the details were publicized.

My life is a living testimony that GOD is a restorer of dreams and passions. This trip is further evidence! Do a quick study of Joseph’s life and you will see that God manifested Joseph’s dreams as he became involved in somebody else’s dream. Fascinating, isn’t it! Thank you for making this dream possible and investing in the Kingdom world-wide. I will be praying for you and your passions as well.  Please send your prayer requests to

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Yours for the King and His Kingdom

Pastor Myles Holmes

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