Month: August 2010

People! WE’RE AT WAR!! As for this war being “winnable”, we better PRAY it is

So many have such short memories and are confused about end-times prophecy! People! WE’RE AT WAR!! As for this war being “winnable”, we better PRAY it is -this war is over the literal survival of western civilization! Radical islamists will not rest till they conquer or be cornered with no hope of cover.(I have read the koran and many of the hadiths)

The West seems incapable of realizing that these jihadists hate us BECAUSE of our freedoms, liberties & values! As far as any regional conflict such as Afghanistan being winnable, my son the soldier who has lived the horror & hell of war, seeing 9 of his 28man section killed (and wants to return there) says in his thinking, the sacrifices are being made for two reasons, first to keep the war over there and second, so that little Afghani girls, at least fora few years, can go to school, learn to read & write without being stoned or having acid thrown in their face. That’s the only hope,that the spark of freedom MAY ignite… In any case, we are living in prophetic times! I never cease to be shocked by the number of people who read the Bible who say, “Well, it’s all prophesied anyhow, it’s got to happen, if it’s GOD’s Will we can’t stop it.”

GOD deliver us from that kind of foolishness!

Do you have any idea what language you would be speaking right now if the Allied forces and soldiers and nations had the same thought in WW2? “Well, Hitler is an-antichrist, we can’t fight prophecy.” MADNESS!! “Sprichen ze Deutche?”

Again, let me remind you…WE ARE AT WAR!!

Pray for our troops!

Pray for our intelligence services.

Pray for our police forces.

Pray for our pastors and teachers to wake up to the war!

Pray for our missionaries, evangelists and pastors and churches in muslim lands.(They don’t have any question that we are at war.)

Pray that the islamic world will be swept by the mightiest revival this planet has ever seen!

Pray for leaders in the West to develop a back-bone, courage, discernment and wisdom and strength.


Myles Holmes