PASTORS! Here’s the help you’ve been looking for!

I have been a staff Pastor for four years and a senior pastor of two churches for a total of 19 years. I’m also the son and grandson of pastors with four siblings in Pastoral leadership roles. During the past four years of evangelism ministry I have found myself in a different church on most weekends. Because of all that experience in church, (most of it encouraging, much of it disappointing), I treasure good advice from trusted sources and I’m always on the lookout for repeatable best-practices. I can happily affirm that Dick Hardy’s “27 Tough Questions Pastors Ask” is one most practical and helpful volumes on results-oriented church leadership I’ve ever read.
Dick writes as an “insider” who has not lost the ability to see the big picture and address the critical issues objectively. The Pastor or church leader who desires to move their church to the next level and beyond will find practical steps and doable strategies on every page. This book tackles leadership challenges with passion, compassion, humor and wit. Leaders of every spectrum, from small rural churches to big-city mega-churches, will find ideas for course correction and growth strategies.
Dick Hardy’s help is particularly insightful regarding inter-generational concerns and the priority of reaching young families. His writing is also highly motivational toward growth and kingdom increase even during economic downturns.
Of the many volumes on church leadership in my library, this resource will remain within arm’s reach. In my consulting with other pastors it has now become my first recommendation. Dick is a true friend to pastors and a champion for the church. Church leaders, staff and volunteers in ministry will also benefit from this book.
If you’re concerned about souls, growth, discipleship, hiring, church finances and leaving a legacy of spiritual health, pickup this book with pen and notebook in hand. You will be challenged, encouraged and filled with hope. And perhaps just as importantly, you will feel like you have gained a new friend, coach and mentor in ministry, Dick Hardy.
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Myles Holmes

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