Month: February 2010

My Best Advice for Pastors

Pastoral Heart Issues
The Church is God’s living hope for the world! Christ intends the church to be salt and light, overcoming, victorious, advancing against the gates of hell which cannot prevail against it. The church is a light house for the lost and a beacon of hope for the hurting. It is a voice of conscience to a dark world. I love the church!
Following are some of my definitions of a “successful” pastor.(written in the masculine, understood to be inclusive of female pastors)
• A successful pastor is one whose people remember what he has taught, can repeat it and successfully live it out in their daily lives.
• A successful pastor has people who are proud of their church, unashamed to invite their friends and family.
• A successful pastor loves his wife and kids and his people know it! He inspires others to pattern their marriage and child-rearing after his example.
• A successful pastor is one whose life demonstrates the joy of serving Christ.
• A successful pastor must love God supremely and love and care for people with great affection.
• A successful pastor must exhibit the utmost respect for the Word of God and deliver its message with conviction and clarity while applying its truths to the current challenge of the culture.
• The successful spiritual leader must be an evangelist at heart, and a discipler in mission.
• A successful pastor lives his life as an example of the believer. He preaches and teaches the living Word of God with passion, enthusiasm and joy.
• A successful pastor’s people trust him because they can sense his genuine warmth, sincerity and love. The messages he shares are practical to daily life and helpful to those struggling. Week after week the Word of God brings encouragement, hope and new purpose.
• A successful pastor answers the questions in church that people are asking at the office or the factory.
• A successful pastor says, “Follow me as I follow Christ”. And then he follows Christ!
In regards to relationships with church leadership and staff, the expectation is one of loving support, mutual respect, consideration and warmth of heart! Love is my strongest motivator and it must permeate all my relationships. Trust is built over time, but love is given unconditionally. I am collegial and team oriented. I believe in Pastoral and prophetic authority, but that does not negate the Word’s demand that we live in submission to one another. There must be a clear and common vision in order to prevent division. I believe the gifts and anointings and abilities are already “in the house”, and we must recognize and release those gifts. Team work really does make the dream work!

Leadership Style

I have the ability to get things done through a collaborative, collegial team effort. I believe there are gifting and abilities on every team and the most efficient use of those resources brings the best results. Square pegs should only be inserted into square holes.
I believe in careful, prayerful planning and preparation and specific, detailed delegation. Successful events and ministries never simply happen, they are made to happen.
Debriefing is critical. Every event needs to be analyzed to ascertain what worked and what did not, what could be improved and what should be scrapped.
I believe in setting strategic goals which are measurable. Written reports and meetings to evaluate progress are critical. Written job descriptions with clear expectations are necessary.
I operate through encouragement and positive motivation. I believe effort must be applauded, appreciated and affirmed. I believe success must not only be noticed but celebrated.
It is my practice to be highly relational with staff, department leaders and board. A church can be no more effective than its leadership is united with common heart and vision.
Saturating all of this administrative style must be the tangible anointing, the living presence of Christ and a prayerful, joyful attitude in office and church, staff and board meetings.

Pastor Myles Holmes

Philosophy of Pastoral Ministry

Myles Holmes Philosophy of Pastoral Ministry

My strategy in ministry is highly Personal and Positive. I believe a church has a personality which, after a period of time, begins to be somewhat reflective of its Pastor and therefore can be no more warm, friendly or positive than he or she is. I have been blessed with a genuine love for life and people, both God’s people and the lost, and that translates into a contagious enthusiasm for ministry. I believe a ministry should be a fun, happy and exciting place as the gospel is still a good news word in a bad news world.
I also believe that Christian leadership is to offer a Pattern of Purity. I am convinced that I am to live my life as an example to believers; a model of a life lived in Christian service. My devotion to God, my wife and family and the affection I demonstrate publicly to each of them enables me to say like Paul, “follow me as I follow Christ”. Too much heartache and damage has been caused by ministers who have failed in their holy calling to set a high and holy standard in personal living. This is not a Pharisaical-self-righteous snobbery. It is a humble life pursuit to please God and lead others in pleasing Him.
I have determined that my ministry will be consistently Practical and Pertinent. The church must teach and model practical life skills and answer questions people are actually asking. Practical life issues such as marriage, family and finances must be taught from the Word. Key to a well rounded ministry is attention to both Genesis and Revelation; creation evidences and end-time prophecy. My ministry must also be pertinent and relevant to present-day current issues, and answer the culture where it is attacking the faith. This necessitates, at times, a prophetic Biblical challenge from the pulpit regarding issues of morality and life that demand a Biblical response. The Church must be salt and light.
Passionate Preaching is at the heart of my ministry. There is nothing that can take the place of the anointed teaching and preaching of the Word of God. Ministry must be Bible-centered. Scripture must be given first place. This high honouring of the Word of God demands that we communicate its life giving, heart-changing message in a manner that will attract, convict and connect with young and old, believers and backsliders, the committed and the curious. Therefore, preaching and teaching must, first and last, be anointed by the Holy Spirit. That anointing will also lead us to be creative and illustrative with stories, dramas, humor, props, and multi-media, all for the purpose of edifying the saints and winning the lost!
Permissive Partnership is the style of my ministry. While understanding and appreciating the necessity of pastoral authority and leadership, spiritual leaders must seek to build a team that believes in a common vision and works together toward that goal. Not one of us is smart enough or strong enough to do it alone. We must learn from one another, share, grow and lean on one another. Whether in staff relationships, Deacon/Elder Boards, or the church as a whole, there must not only be the perception, but the living reality that the ministry is owned and operated by all of us; every believer in ministry. Every believer is a partner in the vision and has permission to build their ministry and grow the church!
The life of any church and its leadership must be marked by Prevailing Prayer. The Pastor must be freed to, and expected to spend a good portion of his day in study of the Word and in prevailing prayer. The impact of the church in people’s lives, the community and the world will be in direct correlation to the prayer life of its leadership. The church itself must answer Christ’s demand that His Father’s House be called a house of prayer. Seasons of intercession of the corporate body are vital. Praying through to break-through is my style and my passion.
A body of believers must offer to a dying world, through their corporate gatherings, a sense of Prophetic Presence. We must gather with an anticipation of the manifest glory of God. Our worship and our praise are inhabited by His Presence. We gather in His Name and He shows Himself. Music, whether new or old, hymns or contemporary, soft or exciting must all point our hearts heaven-ward and glorify God. We come together to taste and see that the Lord is good. God is to be experienced!
Finally, ministry must be an expression of first century Pentecostal Power in a 21st century dynamic. We lay hands on the sick and see them recover, we declare deliverance from every stronghold and bondage and we know that Christ will confirm His Word with signs following. I also am very certain that the purpose of the Holy Spirit infilling is to empower us to be witnesses for Christ in our contemporary setting. Believers must be soul winners and evangelists fulfilling the great commission and building the church. Spirit-filled believers operate not only in the gifts of the Spirit but also manifest the fruit! We have righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost!
My philosophy of ministry is propelled by a desire to heal the hurting, win the lost, get the hell out and the heaven in, love the body of Christ, build His church together, prepare for His coming and have fun while doing all of that and more. All for His glory!

Myles Holmes