Lose to Gain


There is nothing, absolutely nothing you must give up for Christ that God does not give you back 1 million times over. In this life and the one to come. I believe it was CS Lewis who said we are often like little children who refuse to let go of a bag of marbles while resisting a trip to the beach.

Trust the God who loves you more than you can imagine. His ways are not just best, the rewards are Eternal.

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Hoppin’ in the General Lee for a bit quicker trip home 🤣

Phenomenal time traveling with Emmett McKenzie ministering in Hugo, OK with Pastor Keithen Brown and tonight in Paris, TX with Robert Black at Pathway Int’l Church of God.

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FILE – Inmates Are Running the Asylum

File- islamists in Congress do what islamists do

FILE – continuing harassment & obnoxious obstinance toward our President Donald J. Trump

FILE- Good News!!

As always, a giveaway and prayer for America, our President & for you & your family. ❤️🙏

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Don’t quit ❤️

Monday Morning Motivational Moment

Moments of weakness, days of despair, times of turmoil, these are the precise moments when God may shower you with mercy and grace and blessings that blow your mind! Don’t depend on your own strength, look to Heaven for help.❤️

Be deadly truthful and honest with yourself, is perhaps the reason you’re in such despair because you were trusting in your own strength, determined to do things your way?

Remember, when you turn to God with your complete trust and faith it only takes a moment to change your trajectory.

Joseph went from the pit to the palace in the time it took him to change his clothes and shave and visit with the King.

But that elevation and SUPERnatural promotion came because he was faithful to God during all the hard days.

So, my friends, don’t quit in weakness, instead look up!

God is big enough, strong enough, loving enough for you to trust Him completely!

Myles Holmes Ministries