I have been an avid reader and student of church history all of my life, in particular the history of revivals. I can state without fear of contradiction that there has never been a revival of God’s Spirit on this earth at any time that was based on “Greasy Grace” or “Sloppy Agape”.

Every revival has been based upon a rebuke of sin and the call for repentance, a prophetic call back to God and righteousness based on the finished work of Calvary.

Repentance is always at the core.

That should not surprise us as this was actually the message of Christ and the apostles!

Now, I am not speaking of self-righteousness, legalism or Phariseeism, but I am speaking of broken hearts crying out to God for His mercy.

That’s the kind of revival we are so desperate for in America today!

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Praying for Las Vegas, this evening, and praying for America. I wonder, after this horrendous attack on American soil, will professional athletes stand in honor of our flag and our nation now? I wonder.

It’s time to love one another, to put the hurt and division aside, to forgive when needed, to ignore suspicion and choose understanding.

It’s time for America to once again embrace our calling to be a shining City set on a hill.

Not one of us can do this on our own, it takes all of us together, but everyone of us must begin on our own where we are.


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(So many have asked for these notes from last week, here they are)

Applicable wherever partnership is needed…Business, career, Athletic team, marriage, family, a local church, or the broader Kingdom of God.

Partnership Privileges!

· Partners get to celebrate wins together.

· Partners get to share the joys of success.

· Partners get to share the credit for victory.

· Partners get to share the rewards.

· Partners get to lean on and depend on one another.

Partnership Priorities.

· Partners must share the responsibility.

· Partners must share the workload.

· Partners must share the burden.

· Partners must share the costs.

· Partners must be committed.

Signs of an Unproductive Partner?

· Not dependable.

· May show up or may not.

· Expert and professional at making excuses.

· They sincerely believe that rules and expectations apply to everyone except them.

· They only get excited about their own ideas and projects.

· Communication and responsiveness is a low priority. They may or may not get back to you.

· They give you reason to suspect their loyalty.

· They often successfully mask a spirit of rebellion as self-confidence and assertiveness.

· They are happy to eat and feast, but never available to cook or clean up.

Decide to be a faithful, dependable, productive partner. The right teams can change the world!

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Rosh Hashanah!

Happy Rosh Hashanah!

(Head of the Year)

This evening begins the Jewish New Year, the year 5778!

Coincidentally, the surface temperature of the sun is 5778° Kelvin.

Interesting and fascinating to say the least. I will not speculate any prophetic significance in this other than to say this world will one day burn up in fiery judgment, we better be ready.

Until then, I am living and working and praying and dreaming toward the Fire of revival in our hearts, homes, cities and nations around the world.

Eat some apples and honey, live in repentance and humility, and join hearts and hands laboring for the Master until the final sunset.

Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE

Sept. 23 ? 😂

With regard to all the wild speculation about September 23, and the statements that Christ must return in 2017 etc. etc. etc., I am tempted to say you cannot make this stuff up! But quite obviously you can. 😂

Seriously folks, get a grip!

I am tempted, really tempted to post some discoveries I made a couple of years ago.

I can prove beyond a shadow of any reasonable doubt, that I am the reincarnation of George Washington, sent from Canada to save America. I can prove this by several scriptures, several prophecies, the coincidental date of my birth and significant dates in George Washington’s life, the coincidence of several Jewish feasts, some mathematical calculations, and a gut feeling.

No dates or coincidences or Scriptures were manufactured, but if you saw them you may have to agree that I might be right. LOL

I would post this, but I’m certain that someone would actually believe that I was serious, just like they believe everything on Babylon Bee

By the way, I’ve been preaching Bible prophecy and the end times for more than 40 years. Jesus could return at any moment.

Maranatha! ❤️🔥✨

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Italian!!! 😘

Another reason why I know God loves and favors me. 😀

I had the wonderful privilege of pastoring in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada for 20 years with a huge Italian population.

Now I am pastoring for the last seven years in Collinsville, Illinois, again with a huge Italian population.

I just love Italians and the culture… it’s all about Faith, Family, Fun and Feasting. 💕

Tomorrow I’ll be working at Italian Fest in Collinsville, from 7:30am to 11:30 at Collinsville Sunrise Kiwanis, Collinsville IL booth and our famous Bagna Cauda !

Then from noon to close you will find me at Revive USA ‘s booth with Gelato, Caprese Salad, Strawberry Lemonade, Coffee and Iced Tea!

See you there, miei amici! 😘

Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE

Move along, now.

How do we move people?

How do we motivate people?

If your idea of motivation includes guilt, fear, power, manipulation, coercion or threat, you’re doing it all wrong.

The only way to truly change people is through example, influence and love ❤️.

That’s the Bible way.

In fact, the Apostle Paul stated it very simply…. “Follow me, as I follow Christ.”

Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE