Did we confront hate and violence and racism from the pulpit yesterday morning?

I did not and here's why.
Anyone who knows me and my ministry and my life, and the church I pastor, are very aware that I reject racism in every form and every shadow of it. Every fiber of my being is revolted by the idea of a black church or a white church or any church based on anything but the Blood of Jesus Christ. In more than three decades of pastoral ministry, in two nations, I have always had ethnically diverse staff, and the church I currently pastor, REVIVE, is not as colorful as it will be, but praise God, it is not near as white as it used to be! LOL

ALL violence based upon creed or color is as clueless as it is evil. The fact that so many think they need to comment on this just shows how low-class our culture has become.

There, I too have now commented on this.
Praying sincerely for all those affected by this demonic violence on every side. The loss of life in this satanically inspired tragedy is heart-breaking.
Praying for America 🇺🇸❤️
Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE

Truth – Scott Hagan

"Your MOOD determines your level of leadership. Those whose emotions are controlled by the world around them can never, ever lead, themselves or anyone else…
Jealousy or criticism of other successful ministry is demonic in nature. That's all it can be. There is plenty of wind in the harbor to sail every ship!"
Scott Hagan #GC17
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In Anaheim, CA

Believing God, by His Holy Spirit, to revive His Church, as we gather with thousands of pastors and Christian leaders for our General Council of the Assemblies of God, from across the USA and around the world.
We are only minutes away from Azusa Street in Los Angeles, where fires ignited swept the planet.
Do it again, Lord!
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Text to Give

Great news, REVIVE is now set up with text-to-give!
That's right, directly from your cell phone you can give to the Ministry at REVIVE.
I might've been the first!
Go ahead and try it, just takes a moment to set up,
Follow these simple steps.

1) text any $ amount to "84321"
2) then search for REVIVE, you can do it by ZIP Code 62234.
3) you will instantly receive a text to a link where you will set up your information, your email to receive a receipt, your banking or credit card information.
4) confirm and you're done.

It will take you just two or three minutes to set up your first gift, and after that it is only one click. That's right only one click to give, simple, easy and safe from your bank account or credit card.

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