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Cultural observations

Godless Culture = No Hope

I have seen heartbreaking poverty, and the horror of something much deeper than immorality -amorality- no sense of right or wrong, a seared conscience beyond recognition of good or evil.

I’ve seen the demonic hell of alcohol and drug addiction destroying minds and bodies.

I have seen sexual depravity and perversion and the twisting of genders and open sexuality starting with children of young ages.

I have seen violence that has destroyed neighborhoods and made them look like an apocalypse with mangy dogs running freely among broken down homes and buildings.

I have seen the institution of marriage become meaningless, and family disappear.

I have seen evil spirits tormenting families and homes and robbing of peace and sleep and joy.

I have seen corruption and deception, and manipulation of public funds that is inexcusable.

All this and much much more, I have seen in the culture that has no place for God and His Holy Word.

I’ve seen this in the city I pastor in, and in every nation I’ve visited in this world, in Europe, in South America, and Asia, in the Caribbean and across North America.


You thought I was only talking about this missions trip I am on in northern Canada?

No, this is what you will find anywhere people have forgotten God. In the nation, in the city, in the home, and in the individual heart, a Godless mindset creates a world without hope.

But thank God for CHRISTmas 🎄

Thank Heaven that Jesus came. ❤️

Praise God for Emmanuel- God with us.

Spread the news, tell the story, with exceeding great joy, share LIFE, HOPE, LOVE & FAITH.🙏

Bring hope to the hopeless, bring God to broken people and places. Isaiah 61

Be the light 💡 in the darkness.

Myles Holmes Ministries


Keep on praying 🙏

Northern Canada Mission 🙏

Keep praying…

Had wonderful meetings today with leaders here in the North.

The situation is desperate and dark but 🔥God is moving.

The corruption that is mind boggling, poverty that is heartbreaking, the immorality, amorality, drugs, alcohol, death and violence are all symptoms of an entire culture that has lost hope.

But 🔥God is still able.

Demonic forces are intent to destroy a beautiful people, but 🔥God sent His Son to redeem, revive, rescue and restore.

Pray for Canada’s First Nations, there is still an Answer from Heaven.

Appreciate your intercession as I have meetings with other local stakeholders tomorrow throughout the day.

Pray for my protection on these Northern roads.

God is giving strategy, direction, innovation and bringing people together on mission.

I must continue to connect with other Spirit-Filled, Native Evangelistic outreaches. (PM me with your connections in that regard)

Myles Holmes Ministries


Northern Missions

St Louis Airport

Thank you for your prayers & financial support as I travel on this mission to Northern Canada 🇨🇦.

Pray for protection, Anointing, Favor, guidance, open doors & Divinely appointed people-connections.

I simply know that God is leading, & that is a safe place to be.

As I was packing this morning I realized how “southern” I have become, I no longer own a touque! I’ll be shopping for warm, winter head-protection when I get up north LOL … Must preserve every neuron, dendrite & brain cell I have 😂

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REVIVE can accept gifts of Real Property

(jewelry, art, cars, gold, real estate, etc, all tax-deductible.)

REVIVE can receive gifts of stocks.

REVIVE accepts donations safely & securely online,

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REVIVE also accepts cash & checks, all tax-deductible.

Please remember REVIVE in your will. Leave a Legacy Gift that will continue to minister.

All offerings are used to support the ministries of REVIVE, a Christ-centered, Word-based, Spirit-anointed church, at home & around the world.

Wise men worshipped the new-born King with gifts.

Let’s continue that wonderful CHRISTmas tradition.

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You can also text to give, 84321.

If you would like to assist with our CHRISTmas Eve toy distribution & gifts, monies can be applied toward that, we also have elves that have no problem getting deliveries from the North Pole if you would like them to do your shopping for you.

Bless you and merry CHRISTmas 🎄


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Is there really any good news anymore? One wife asked her husband, “Should we watch the 6 PM news and get indigestion or wait for the 11 o’clock news & have insomnia?”

Someone said the evening news is where they begin with “Good evening”, then tell you why it isn’t.

There is bad news, and there is fake news, and our world longs for some truly good news.

CHRISTmas is the perfect antidote to all the bad news!

Christ has come and this means joy to the world and tidings of great joy.

The wisemen met Him and returned with exceeding great joy.

If you are lacking joy this CHRISTmas season, if you’re looking for some truly good news, we want to introduce you to the King of Kings and Lord of lords.

We worship the Baby in Bethlehem, we worship the Lamb of Calvary, and we worship the risen and coming King.

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9:15 AM Coffee Bar (Great sweets, snacks & breakfast items!)

9:30 AM Faith Academy, classes- all ages

10:45 AM at REVIVE

Worship & Kids CHRISTmas Concert,

“Cool Yule”

On any church calendar, this is an annual treat & highlight, no one celebrates CHRISTmas like our children! 🎄❤️

(Kids Ministry & Nursery)

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