No Fake News

-Bruce Jenner is HIS name
-There are only two genders.
-Gender is not a social construct, and is not fluid or flexible.
-Babies should be protected and valued from the moment of conception.
-Marriage is between a man and a woman and that is the only place where sex should occur.
-Freedom of religion and freedom of speech are not to be messed with.
-The Second Amendment Is not up for debate or discussion.
-Your feelings and your opinion have absolutely no bearing upon reality or truth.
-Jesus Christ is the only way to Heaven.
-America is in desperate need of a great revival, a great spiritual awakening.
-God loves you so much He sent His Son to pay for your sins and release you from guilt and shame, but you must repent, turn from your sin and rebellion and put your whole faith and trust in Him.
This is still America, and we still have the freedom and liberty to believe and share these truths.
💥That’s what I’ll be celebrating July 4th 💥
God bless America, and may America bless God.🙏
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Patriots! 🇺🇸

Keep fighting Patriots!
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June 6, 1944
Today we remember the bravery, courage, valor and sacrifice of our heroes.
May we never forget what it cost to preserve our freedom and liberty.
May we also never forget what we were fighting 77 years ago today.
We were fighting socialism, the Nazi party was the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany.
That is a FACT of history.
We were fighting antiSemitism. The Nazis were responsible for killing at least 6 million Jews.
That is a FACT of history.
We were fighting anti-Christian forces. The Nazis hated the Cross, and hated the church. That is a FACT of history.

President Franklin Roosevelt understood this.
“WE GUARD AGAINST the forces of anti-Christian aggression, which may attack us from without, and the forces of ignorance and fear which may corrupt us from within.
THOSE FORCES HATE democracy and Christianity as two phases of the same civilization. They oppose democracy because it is Christian. They oppose Christianity because it preaches democracy.” FDR

Sadly today, we are fighting the same forces within the halls of Congress in Washington DC.
Wake up America, the fight is now on our shores. This is why this preacher is so very “political”. Because so many preachers are either afraid, or do not know their history, or are actually on the other side, opposed to the truth. God bless America, and may America bless God!
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Tomorrow’s Show

Don’t miss tomorrow morning’s MANHOOD MATTERS on Facebook’s “Trump & The Great America”
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One of the most important and critical shows I’ve ever done, dealing with the root and the cause of the attempted sexualization of infants and toddlers in our dark culture.
Research by Alex Newman
Don’t miss this.
This is not for kids, this will make you angry and sick at heart, but we must be informed to fight this evil.
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Holy Terror to Mediocrity

I am often asked what is the basis of my tagline-
“Myles Holmes -Holy Terror to Mediocrity”
Simply stated it means be a little kinder, a little more generous, a bit more forgiving, a little more loving etc., than the average.
Don’t do anything, just because the crowd is doing it, stretch a little further, reach a bit higher, do a little better.
But if you want to take it deeper, here is Benedict’s 12-Step Ladder to Humility,
(which I have slightly paraphrased and modernized).
1- Acknowledge God In All Your Ways
2- Fast and Pray
3- Instantly Obey
4- Repent Immediately
5- Persevere with a Smile
6- Walk in Wisdom – Fear of God is where to start
7- Serenity and Quiet
8- Others- Oriented, Selflessness
9- Dignity and Class, not Foolishness
10- Discretion and Maturity
11- Silence – Fewer Words
12- Reverence & Awe- Live in a Spirit of Constant Worship

These are just some of my Life Goals.
Just having desire to work on these takes you out of the “mediocre”.
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Grow a Spine!

Sharing once again so that perhaps a few more Canadian and American pastors may get a back-bone (aka – spine) and use it.
How easily many gave in to tyrannical government, how easily will you give in the next time?
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Sunday morning at Revive USA
10:30 am Central Time Zone
Live, in-person services, also on YouTube and all of our Facebook pages. Don’t miss this powerful, prophetic rebuke of wickedness and our Biblical hope for revival. ❤️
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Earth Day

Earth Day is mostly a crock… a crockpot stewed full of deception, lies, distortion, misinformation and pagan worship.
The planet is not overpopulated, never has been. There is more standing forest in America today with more deer in those trees than in 1900. There are more polar bears in the Arctic than there were in 1950.

I know, the truth is so confusing, isn’t it? 🙂

Stop hugging trees and start hugging people, you know, those wonderful creations of God, actual human beings with an eternal soul.
Stop worshipping the planet (Gaia paganism) and worship the Creator, Almighty God. Treat nature kindly, it is a gift of God, but do not get swallowed up in the hysteria of politically motivated agendas that seek to empower big government, enable socialism and steal more tax dollars.

Pick up your trash because you’re a decent human being and a good neighbor, not because “the planet is dying”. 🤣
Plant a garden because it’s good for you, not because you have been falsely manipulated and guilted into doing it. ❤️
Battle of the Republic 🇺🇸
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And above all, remember the old Spiritual, 🎶“He’s Got the Whole World … In His Hands” 🎶

Resurrection Invite

Resurrection Sunday at Revive USA
Friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, distant relatives, everyone’s welcome.
Invite yourself if you’ve never been. Consider yourself warmly welcomed.❤️
10:30 am Come early and visit our Coffee Bar and celebrate the Empty Tomb with us. 🎉🎊
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