Earth Day

Earth Day is mostly a crock… a crockpot stewed full of deception, lies, distortion, misinformation and pagan worship.
The planet is not overpopulated, never has been. There is more standing forest in America today with more deer in those trees than in 1900. There are more polar bears in the Arctic than there were in 1950.

I know, the truth is so confusing, isn’t it? 🙂

Stop hugging trees and start hugging people, you know, those wonderful creations of God, actual human beings with an eternal soul.
Stop worshipping the planet (Gaia paganism) and worship the Creator, Almighty God. Treat nature kindly, it is a gift of God, but do not get swallowed up in the hysteria of politically motivated agendas that seek to empower big government, enable socialism and steal more tax dollars.

Pick up your trash because you’re a decent human being and a good neighbor, not because “the planet is dying”. 🤣
Plant a garden because it’s good for you, not because you have been falsely manipulated and guilted into doing it. ❤️
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And above all, remember the old Spiritual, 🎶“He’s Got the Whole World … In His Hands” 🎶

No Lockdown

The Grave couldn’t hold Him!🎊
He even conquers DEATH! 💥
This changes everything! 🎉
Time and eternity hinges on this weekend.☑️
Can I get an Amen? 👍
Revive USA 🙏
Battle of the Republic 🇺🇸
Trump & The Great America ✅
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Resurrection Invite

Resurrection Sunday at Revive USA
Friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, distant relatives, everyone’s welcome.
Invite yourself if you’ve never been. Consider yourself warmly welcomed.❤️
10:30 am Come early and visit our Coffee Bar and celebrate the Empty Tomb with us. 🎉🎊
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1105 Belt Line Rd., Collinsville Illinois
(only 13 miles east of St. Louis Missouri)

No Surrender

“Surrender? No. I have not yet begun to fight!” So said Captain John Paul Jones in the face of insurmountable odds, just before his greatest victory.
And so says every child of God, surrounded by the enemy, with darkness increasing, but we are in contact with Heavenly Headquarters, and we have the authority to continue to decree despite all the odds… “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done.”
No surrender on gender.
No surrender on Truth, we’ll defend her!
No surrender to pretenders.
No surrender to moral offenders.
No surrender to Bible dissenters.
No surrender on marriage or pro life issues.
No surrender on the US Constitution and the 1st and 2nd Amendments.
No surrender on capitalism and free enterprise as opposed to socialism and government control of your life.
No surrender to those who want to take away our voice and authority.
No surrender to those who would rather serve themselves or satan than worship a Holy God.
Look out earth, look out America!
Look out world!
The Church is rising.
We don’t know how to quit, retreat, resign or be silent.
We’ve never learned to acquiesce, or compromise or give up or appease the enemy.
We remain humble, holy, healthy, happy and blessed, with calloused knees from prayer and fasting, but with authority from on High.
We have come to the Kingdom, for such a time as THIS!
Battle of the Republic 🇺🇸
Trump & The Great America ✅
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MANHOOD MATTERS Facebook Live Video Show returns to Trump & The Great America with more than 2 million followers, every Friday morning 8 AM central time.
Guys, this is a show for men and about men. Ladies, you’re always welcome to join us, we need your encouragement, and in fact we can’t live without it.
Quite seriously.💥
We live in a strange and dark time when masculinity needs to be defended, when for thousands of years masculinity has been THE DEFENDER!
Jump in the conversation live at 8 AM or later at your convenience.
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Another tragic shooting in Boulder Colorado today. 🥲 10 killed including one police officer.
So very sad.
Praying for all these devastated families.🙏

-This is not guns.
-This is not the wrong laws.
-This is not always simply “mental disorder”.

This is hatred and evil in the heart of man.
This is a culture that glamorizes violence and death in movies and video games and music.
This is an educational system that tells children and teens and college students that they are nothing more than an animal, life has no meaning or purpose, and then we’re surprised when they act like animals on the streets.
We tell them from the youngest age that there is no God, there are no moral absolutes, there are no Commandments from Heaven that we must adhere to, and then we act surprised when they have no respect for life or other human beings.
A man with sexual addictions, kills eight individuals last week, thinking that will somehow bring him freedom.
And we ignore his sexual addictions that we have fueled with pornography and ungodly Hollywood and the music scene and its perversity, and then we unbelievably deflect it with racism.
We must not leave out the fact that demonic, hellish powers are at work here as well.
America must repent.
America must pray.
America must acknowledge evil and that only turning back to God will bring peace to our streets, our hearts, and our homes.
We continually ask God to bless America, but we also pray that America will bless God!
Battle of the Republic 🇺🇸
Trump & The Great America ✅
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Israel 🇮🇱

Praying for the Israeli elections March 23. (A parliamentary democracy with 120 members of the Knesset, 61 seats needed for a majority. This is Israel’s 4th election in 2 years.)
Pray for a strong mandate and as always pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Israel has a right to exist and to defend herself. If you don’t support that you’re no friend of God and you’re no friend of mine.



And may America and Israel bless God.💕
Battle of the Republic 🇺🇸
Trump & The Great America 🇺🇸✅
Myles Holmes Ministries 🔥

Words & Harvest

Your speech prophesies & predicts your future.
You are planting today, in the future you’ll be reaping.
*What you say to yourself about yourself.
*What you say to yourself about other people.
*What you say about other people to yourself.
*What you say about other people to other people.
We reap what we sow.
Are we planting bitterness, gossip, confusion, suspicion?
Or are we planting life, hope, peace, grace, joy and blessing?
The harvest will tell the tale.
Your words are seeds!
Your speech prophesies & predicts your future.
I can have a very clear picture of where you will likely be in 5 or 10 years, just by listening to you talk for a while.
Words are seeds, and we reap what we sow.
God will not be mocked about this or any other harvest.
I choose to encourage and bless and motivate and lift and strengthen and embolden and that’s what I receive. 💕
Myles Holmes Ministries 🔥