Wednesday 🔥❤️

Full Wednesday schedule at Revive USA

11am Worship & the Word, enjoy the great, old hymns of the Faith and dynamic Bible teaching.

5pm Compassion Connection

6:15pm Coffee ☕️ Bar

7pm Revive Kids

7pm Contemporary, anointed worship and prayer, and the Word! 🔥

Myles Holmes Ministries



Stay Strong 💪

Take Courage, my friends!❤️

Realize that often the most discouraging moments arrive just before your greatest season of breakthrough!

That’s how the enemy works, with distraction and deception and disillusionment. But stay strong, “greater is He that is within you”.

Myles Holmes Ministries


Tiger’s Win!

Monday Morning Motivational Moment

Tiger Woods Victory

If you know me, you are aware that I don’t follow, watch or comment on sports.

But once in a while the story is so inspirational it cannot be ignored.

Tiger Woods wins again, the first since 2013!

You can return after failure, defeat, disgrace and disappointment!

You can find your “sweet spot” again.

Determination, discipline and dedication to your task does reward.

No one would’ve questioned if Tiger had retired a while back, but champions fight as long as there is a roar 🐯 in their belly!


Do not give up!

Pray that Tiger Woods find faith in Christ, which will be his greatest victory!

Myles Holmes Ministries



Sunday at Revive USA

9:15am Coffee ☕️ Bar

9:30am Faith Academy classes- all ages

10:45am Revive Kids

10:45am Morning Worship & Prophetic Prayer -over Illinois and the USA-

And … Celebrate Recovery, breaking strongholds and rebuking the spirit of death!

Join us we we call upon Heaven for Revival Fires 🔥


1105 Beltline Rd.

Collinsville, IL

(Just 12 miles east of St.Louis)

Myles Holmes Ministries

Italian Fest!

Just some, not all, but just some of the tomatoes being used in our Caprese Salad, along with Tea, Old-Fashioned Strawberry Lemonade, and Gelato 🍧 . All available at the Revive USA booth at Italian Fest – The Main Street Event , Collinsville, IL

God bless our kitchen team, the runners, the booth staff, the set up team and clean up team, you are all heroes.

See you at the Fest!

Myles Holmes Ministries

Tune in tonite!

Looking for 35 or 40 minutes of hardhitting social commentary from a conservative pastor who is not afraid to be politically incorrect and Biblically right-on?

In search of a show that will tackle liberalism and socialism and progressivism and call it the evil that it is?

Then join us every Thursday evening at 7 PM Central Time Zone for “Battle of the Republic”.

This live, interactive Facebook show is hosted by the Trump & The Great America a page with more than 2.1 million followers!

Join us this evening as we tackle Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, preachers and politics, American exceptionalism and probably a few other topics!

Myles Holmes Ministries


John Maxwell says there are two kinds of people that walk into a room. One says “Here I am!”

The other says, “There you are!”

We are attracted to the “there you are” people!

I have said for years, that there are only two kinds of people in the world. There are not varying degrees, there are not graduated levels, but two distinct kinds of people in the world.

Energy Suckers 🤦‍♂️or Power Producers.🔥❤️

Energy Suckers find a way to vacuum all the strength and joy out of their environment, they are depressing and depressed.

Power Producers bring life and energy and hope and joy wherever they show up.

Think just for a moment about what kind of person Jesus was?

So what’s your excuse again? You are to be filled with the Spirit, and becoming more like Christ every day! So let’s get out there and produce power. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead, because He lives inside of us!

Myles Holmes Ministries