Year end giving


Revive USA can accept gifts of Real Property

(jewelry, art, cars, gold, real estate, etc, all tax-deductible)

REVIVE can receive gifts of stocks, all tax-deductible.

REVIVE accepts donations safely & securely online, all tax-deductible

(link below)

REVIVE also accepts cash & checks 😃

Please remember REVIVE in your will. Leave a Legacy Gift that will continue to minister.

All offerings are used to support the ministries of REVIVE, a Christ-centered, Word-based, Spirit-anointed church, at home & around the world.

We only have a few more days to buy toys and Gifts for this Sunday morning’s Compassion CHRISTmas, December 15.

Wise men worshiped the new-born King with gifts.

Let’s continue that wonderful CHRISTmas tradition.

And we thank you, for your generosity, and you remain in our prayers for God’s richest blessings throughout this new year coming.

Myles Holmes Ministries 🔥

Praying 🙏

Saturday evening National Prayer Meeting for our President Donald J. Trump and our nation, with 2.2 million Praying Patriots. Please add your prayer to the comment section below.

“Heavenly Father we come boldly to Your Throne of Grace this evening.

We come not in fear or intimidation, not in trepidation or worry, but in great faith and expectation, we come knowing that You hear our prayers and You delight in our petitions.

We recognize that the enemy is angry knowing that his time is short, that wickedness is abounding everywhere, that the love of many is growing cold, and that Your return is drawing near.

We also know that we are responsible to occupy until Your return, we are to fight the good fight of Faith as soldiers of the Cross.

When you called us up Lord, it was not to a picnic, it was to spiritual warfare.

We praise You that You have armed us with every spiritual weapon we need, so that we can stand, and so that the enemy around us cannot prevail against the Church of Jesus Christ and God’s children.

Tonight we thank You for our President, and the stands he has taken for life, for freedom, for the liberty of the church, and for the defense of Israel.

For these and so many other reasons he is attacked mercilessly, lied about and hated.

We ask you Father to come to his defense. Raise up a wall of Fire about him.

Silence his accusers.

Bring their deceptions to nothing.

Expose their evil intentions.

Protect him in every way and his family. Spiritually. Emotionally.

Physically. Intellectually.

May they be surrounded by love and grace and a deep awareness of Your presence and calling.

Bless his marriage and his family and their marriages, strengthen their commitment to each other and bless them for the sacrifices they are making for this nation.

We ask that despite all of the hatred and venom directed toward them by a loud minority, may they sense the love and devotion and appreciation of the millions of Praying Patriots.

You are a God of mercy, and this nation desperately needs Your mercy.

Hear our prayers oh Lord, and protect us from those who want to destroy our freedoms our liberties and our values.

Fill our hearts and our homes, our churches our communities and our nation with the joy of this Holy season, the wonderful Marvel and Mystery and Miracle that the Messiah was born of a virgin to save this world.

We worship You tonight Lord Jesus, and ask that that You help us to fight and pray and work with all of our heart and soul and mind and strength so that Your Kingdom comes and that Your Will will be done.

In the Name that still is and always will be above every other name, the Name of Jesus Christ, Yeshua, we pray.


Myles Holmes Ministries🔥



Facebook live show every Friday morning

6:15 AM.

For guys at every age and stage of life.

Ladies, feel free to join in and share it with your husband, or boyfriend, sons and grandsons.

Jump in and get…

*Dad Joke of the Week 😂

*The Continuing Battle for Masculinity

*The Word for the Day

*Prayer for you and your family

Tune in live, or watch later on

Myles Holmes Ministries, 🔥

Revive USA, 🙏

Battle of the Republic 🇺🇸and

Trump & The Great America✅

MAN UP guys, your marriage, your family is worth it!❤️

Seasonal Spelling 😃

My Annual CHRISTmas 🎄 Spelling Bee! 😀

CHRISTmas, not X-mas, either.

Please don’t bother trying to educate me with your vast knowledge of Xtian history, or the fact that X in Greek represents Christ.

How many of your friends & family know that? How many of your neighbors & coworkers know Greek, or that the Baby born in the manger is the Alpha & the Omega?

(First and last letters of the Greek alphabet)

All we do when we X Christ out of CHRISTmas is demonstrate laziness & obscure the Reason for the Season.

Emphasize what & Who this is all about, it’s spelled CHRISTmas.

(I do allow for some mercy when using certain script fonts which make mixed capitalization impossible. 😀❤️)

Merry CHRISTmas. 🎄🎁

Myles Holmes Ministries🔥 — at Revive USA.

Giving Time ❤️


For the next 24 hours, people from all over the world will join together to celebrate generosity & make an impact.

We have enjoyed Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and now it is #GIVINGTUESDAY.

I encourage you to bless the church I pastor with any size gift – $5, $10, $500, everything given in the next 24 hours will be dedicated 100% to reaching the lost, rescuing the perishing, & healing the hurting.

Giving Tuesday is a worldwide effort in the middle of our consumerism, materialism and spending over the holidays, to focus on making a difference with a charitable donation.

Please support the ministries of Revive USA, a church that still believes in the power of the gospel to transform lives, we still feed the hungry, help the hurting, encourage the downtrodden, support world-wide missions and make CHRISTmas a special memory for hundreds of families.

All donations in the US are tax-deductible. As you give, lives are healed, families are helped, hope is restored and smiles return.

Give cheerfully and generously, and know that 100% of your giving goes towards building the Kingdom that cannot be shaken.

You are aware that we preach the whole Gospel for the whole man, and share the whole truth without compromise.

We reach out with practical compassion to the needs of families and individuals through our free store, REVIVE’s Compassion Connection

Our Youth & Kids Ministries continue to impact families in this community.

We are a church and a ministry that is not afraid to tackle the big moral and social issues, because we know that at least 90% of every social issue is actually a moral and Biblical issue. Therefore, to be silent is to compromise and to lose your prophetic voice.

Your giving today will help us continue to reach, touch and heal with the Good News of Christ.

Simply go to our giving site & make any size donation today. Be assured of our continued prayers for God‘s blessing and breakthrough in your life and family.

Myles Holmes Ministries🔥

CHRISTmas Satire

(SATIRE warning… If you’re a skimmer, you may want to read this 2 or 3 times slowly BEFORE you comment.😀)

SAD, STRANGE, (Untrue) Email from One of My 5 Kids. 😞

CHRISTmas 🎄& Birthdays 🎂

One of my children, so brilliant, and intellectually superior to many other people just sent me an email.

In this email my child expressed great and undying love toward me. They told me they loved me as a father, as a man, and as their best friend, and will never stop loving me.

But they said due to their recent research and study, they will no longer be celebrating my birthday in any fashion. You see, they read many blogs and watch a lot of YouTube videos.

They found out that many cultures do not celebrate birthdays.

They also discovered that at many birthday parties, there is drunkenness, debauchery, and very unrighteous behavior.

They said they personally know many people who celebrate birthdays insincerely and very hypocritically.

They also discovered that celebrating birthdays is a relatively modern concept, and that for many generations across the world people did not really spend a lot of time celebrating their dad’s birthdays.

They also added that it is really a money making scheme, the birthday card greeting companies, the gift companies, the businesses that make wrapping paper, it really is just a commercialization of love. “Birthdays have been too commercialized”, they wrote.

They were also very upset to learn that pagans once did some very pagan things around births and birthdays. This they could not stomach.

For these reasons, they said they will be no longer celebrating my birthday as special, or giving me a gift or a card, or coming to any party. I was sad. But this child is so bright, so intellectually honest, and so much smarter than many other kids, I guess this is the way it should be. 😞


OK, none of that happened thankfully. But that story makes about as much sense as those who refuse to celebrate the birthday of Christ for any of a multitude of reasons.

Read it again slowly.

Once again this year I say, “Deck the Halls! & get out of my way, Scrooges and Grinches, or I’ll run you over in my one-horse-open -sleigh.” 😂❤️

Myles Holmes Ministries🔥

Worship at CHRISTmas 🎄

CHRISTmas🎄 … it’s about worship!

Take a good look at the entire story of the first CHRISTmas and you will discover that it was all about worship!

The young virgin Mary responded to the angel’s astounding news with worship, singing the Magnificat, “My soul magnifies the Lord”.

John the Baptist’s father Zacharias worshipped God with prophecy.

The angel choir in the skies over Bethlehem worshipped God, saying, “Glory to God in the Highest!”

The shepherds hurried to the manger, leaving their sheep to worship the Lamb.

The wise men from the east followed the Star, saying, “We have come to worship Him”, and they worshipped with offerings, gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Anna the prophetess, who had been fasting and praying night and day, worshipped the Baby, giving thanks to the Lord.

On and on the story of CHRISTmas worship continues. Will you worship this HOLYday season?

It really can be “The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year”, if your heart is stirred and your spirit alive to worship.

So – “Come Let Us Adore Him, Christ the Lord”.

Myles Holmes Ministries🔥