Faith & Thanks!

Thanksgiving Countdown Complete!

Happy Thanksgiving, family friends and ministry partners, near & worldwide!

Depending upon the traditions of your home, American families today will be involved in various degrees of …

Festive Feats of Frolicking In –


*Flag Waving


*Frantic Friday Shopping

*Food & Feasting


But if you leave out the most critical and integral basis of Thanksgiving you’ve missed the whole point.


FAITH in God …trust in His goodness, gratitude for His mercies and blessings… this is what today should truly be centered on.

Take some time, around the turkey-laden table, or before the meal or later this evening, to gather the family in prayer and worship to say “Thank you God, for your blessings. Thank You Father for the Lord Jesus, our Savior and Lord. Thank You for salvation and a home in Heaven, thank You for Your guidance and blessing and provision on this journey called life as we prepare for Eternity.”

This will make a true Thanksgiving in your home.

I am grateful for you, and I pray God‘s blessings on you and your family today.

Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE


Thank you all ❤️

Thanksgiving Countdown Continues…

Today I am so grateful for all those who have invested in me spiritually through my 55 years.

Far too many to name, but I will list a few.

My parents were the most influential,

my preaching, praying, passionate Pentecostal Pastor/ Evangelist Dad & Mom Rose Marie Holmes (Mom is still pastoring) ❤️ followed by my grandparents.

But I also must remember Sunday school teachers, youth workers, evangelists and Campmeeting speakers who powerfully impacted my spiritual development.

I’m especially grateful for missionaries, their passionate appeal for the souls of the world, shaped my heart, still beating for global evangelism.

Anyone remember the Philippino Singers, with a Missionary Shields? ( if I recall his name correctly) Their song still moves me…

🎵”To the east, to the west, to north & the south, you must go, I must go, with the gospel of Christ.” 🎵

Bible College professors, (then & now) and Presidents, Dr. Leonard Heroo, and now, Dr David Arnett of Northpoint Bible College Graduate School continue to shape me for anointed, supernatural last-days ministry. Dr Arnett is a spiritual treasure in my life!

District Superintendents ( my pastors) have invested in me, and believed in me and trusted me with ministry.

In 2 Districts in Canada, and now in Illinois. ( Interestingly, I remember that in my youth, some of the most dynamic Campmeeting & Conference speakers I heard were from Illinois such as Richard Dortch, who became a lifelong friend, encourager and mentor.

I’m grateful for Larry Griswold and Gary J. Blanchard who met this Canadian television preacher in a Drury Inn in Marion, IL 10 years ago and welcomed me into the Illinois District Council of the Assemblies of God

Our current District Pastor Phil Schneider

is a trusted friend & confidant, a man of strong convictions & deep commitment to the foundations we have in the Word of God. His leadership continues to sharpen my calling.

My wife Valerie Holmes, co-Lead Pastor with me, is my closest spiritual encouragement… your commitment to the calling of God in our lives, your sacrifice, prayer life, love for the Word of God inspire so many, but no one more than me … I live with you and see your passion for God‘s glory and it continues to motivate me. It is a joy to minister alongside of you wherever we are & right here at REVIVE.

I’m a blessed man and so grateful at Thanksgiving & every day of the year!

To God be all the Glory, and thanks to all my friends… we stand on the shoulders of giants. 💕🙏🔥

Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE

Thank you, Lord!

Thanksgiving Countdown Continues…

I am so grateful for my family and spiritual legacy.

My great-grandmother who loved the Lord Jesus with all of her heart, & her favorite song was “Jesus keep me near the Cross”. Nana is part of my earliest memories & foundation.

My great- uncle, Howard Hatt, what a powerful life, still impacting the Kingdom!

My dad‘s parents, who I never met but were fiery Pentecostal ministers of the gospel, who laid such a grounding for my life.

My mother’s parents, also anointed preachers, what a blessing in my early life and through my teens.

My parents, my dad is in Heaven, but no home was ever blessed with a more consistent Christian witness, a husband & wife crazy in love with each other and didn’t mind letting the kids know it.

Your powerful ministry in the church, was the same at home. Consistency was the ‘secret sauce’.

Mom, Rose Marie Holmes you continue to bless and inspire. ❤️

My older sister Margie Demont what an inspiration and a blessing you continue to be. Your gentle sweetness is warmth, not just in my memories but still today.

My younger brothers Jody Holmes and Dave Holmes, what a blast growing up with you, never getting into serious trouble … I tended to be the careful one and you guys often were the adventurous! 😂 (Other than that one time I crawled on top of the station wagon while we were driving. Thank God for His mercy and dad’s cool and careful response.)

And my baby sister Charis Elizabeth you continue to be a blessing and inspiration.

God has restored your JOY, we could not be happier for you! 😘

I am so glad that you all love the Lord and are serving Him with your whole heart.

Thankful for my family, and yes I do know that to whom much is given, much is required.

God help me to live out this blessing that you have showered on me, making me who I am.

Love you all, miss you, hope to see you soon.

(Road trip to St. Louis, just a subtle hint)❤️

Myles Holmes Ministries

Motivational Moment

Monday Motivational Moment

Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🦃 ❤️ Week!

(Reminder, no Wednesday REVIVE services 11 AM or 7 PM this week. Help is needed this Wednesday morning at 8:45 AM …bring your truck to help with grocery pick up)

This Sunday we are receiving a Supernatural Thanksgiving Blessing Offering at REVIVE. Prepare a generous gift, to give in adoration, worship & gratitude for God’s goodness & blessings!

There was a man who said “I grumbled because I had to get up every morning, until one morning I could not get up!” Consider the horrible possibility that you could only enjoy today what you thanked God for yesterday. What would your life look like?

Let’s be aware of the greatest Thanksgiving Proclamation in history, found in God’s Word.

“Thanks be unto God for His indescribable gift.” 2 Cor. 9:15

*Christ’s love cannot be described.

*His sacrifice can’t be comprehended.

*His forgiveness can’t be understood.

*His plans for you & desire to bless you cannot be measured.

Give thanks!

Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE

Grateful cont.

Thanksgiving Countdown continues…

Today I am so grateful for the glorious honor & privilege of ministering beside my co-Lead Pastor Valerie Holmes here at REVIVE.

We are blessed!

And we are grateful for our pastoral staff, Meagan Martin, Cole Abell & Richard Griffith, our Board of Directors, our prayer teams, our custodial team, our ushers & greeters, our Worship Team, Coffee Bar team, kitchen team, our IT, tech, video, lighting and sound team, Van drivers, our Faith Academy teachers, our nursing home outreach team, our dedicated consistent hard working volunteers, children’s workers, Youth workers, our security team (we are a praying, praising, preaching, pistol-packing church).

In a few moments the seats will begin to fill up with worshipers, seekers, families, singles, the young and the older, some having served God for generations, others here for the first time to investigate the stirring of God in their spirits.

We love this church, and are grateful for everyone that calls us their home, and grateful for those who are about to join us. Could that be you? 😀❤️

Myles Holmes Ministries

Our 5 ❤️

Thanksgiving Countdown Continues…

So grateful for my 5 children & their spouses. No father could be more proud or more thankful for who you are and all you do. You love God, are committed to His Word and His purpose for your life, you deeply love your spouses & your mom and dad! 😀❤️

Your lives are a living witness to the power of Christ and the blessings that overtake His Children.

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the Truth.”

3 John 4

Love you all, thanking God for each of you today.

Can’t wait to see 80% of you next week!

(All but Zack, Ripley & Preston❤️)

Dad & Mom Valerie Holmes 💕XO

Myles Holmes Ministries

Jordan Holmes (Rachel Holmes)Tulsa

Zack Holmes (Ripley Holmes) & Preston, Courtenay, BC, Canada

Angela Joy Smith (Cale Smith) Tulsa

Telly Mausey (Cody Mausey) Crab Orchard, IL

Destiny Gomez (William Julio Gomez) Tulsa

#gratefuldad #proudfather