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10 Bad Ways Biden has put us on the Bottom, Below & Behind, Besieged & Morally Bankrupt

Brittle Bungler- Biden
Boring Bravado – Biden
Blathering & Blaming-Biden
Baffling Banality-Biden
Blind & Bigoted- Biden
Betrayal of the Basics – Biden
Barbarity to Babies -Biden
Border Busted – Biden
Buying Power Broken- Biden
Bible Believers Banned -Biden



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David Barton

Great to be with my friend David Barton/WallBuilders today in St.Louis.
Had a few minutes of private conversation him earlier, told him of millions of American Patriots love and appreciation for all he does.
You are a courageous, bold, truth-teller regarding our history, roots, and our BIBLE foundation, and you are in our prayers, David.
Battle of the Republic🇺🇸
Trump & The Great America✅
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Break the Cycle

From my message this morning at REVIVE.
Throughout history we can constantly see this pattern.
In Israel’s history in the Bible.
In American history.
In family histories as you trace the journey through generations.
You can do a detailed study of this in Psalm 78 but let me just break it down here.
We live in Blessing, because of God‘s goodness, and we enjoy Abundance, then we tend towards Apathy, we stop caring and stop noticing God‘s blessings. When that happens it is inevitable , we move into Rebellion. That brings Judgment. Every time. Then we Repent and move back into the cycle of Blessing. This is a repetitious, cyclical pattern that we can see being reproduced over and over and over again.
If you’re paying close attention, you realize that in America we have moved past Apathy and we are into outright Rebellion.
The next logical progression is Judgment. Many folks believe we’re under that Judgment now. I suggest they don’t know what Judgment means.
We are certainly in trying times WARNING ⛔️ of Judgment to come.
There is a way out, there is an escape from the cycle, and that is to interrupt it at any season with a powerful movement of Repentance.
Repentance and humility and faith towards God always moves us back into blessing.
The end of Psalm 78 reminds us that we must live in Mount Zion, (the Holy Place), and be of the Tribe of Judah (a People of Praise).
In other words, it’s not complicated ….
-Live right and give God the glory.
-Do right and live in praise.
-Be righteous and live a lifestyle of worship.
We can and we must break the cycle by living in a spirit of humble repentance, when we do that, God will hear from heaven, forgive our sin and heal our land.
Can I get an AMEN?
You can watch the message at Revive USA

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Religion & Politics?

RONALD REAGAN Understood history and the US Constitution far better than many pastors in America today, especially those who are constantly telling me I am out of line. Sorry my friends, (not sorry 😅)I agree with President Reagan’s analysis. ✅

“Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged. When our Founding Fathers passed the First Amendment, they sought to protect churches from government interference. They never intended to construct a wall of hostility between government and the concept of religious belief itself. To those who cite the First Amendment as reason for excluding God from more and more of our institutions every day, I say: The First Amendment of the Constitution was not written to protect the people of this country from religious values; it was written to protect religious values from government tyranny.”
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Praying for Pastor Phil Hutchings 🙏
Courageous Pastor in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada. He was just arrested for defying tyrannical government orders against gathering as a church in worship, singing, etc.
This must STOP!
As I’ve said since day one, if EVERY single Pastor would stand up against this dictatorial control, it would END immediately. But unfortunately, we have a lot of wimps and pansies in pulpits!
And yes, you can quote me on that.
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Why Address Politics?

(Dr. Michael Brown) & Myles Holmes

(100% of the credit goes to Dr. Michael Brown for this powerful presentation. I only made slight edits so that every single word -and I mean EVERY single word- accurately represents my ministry as well.)

“On a regular basis, I receive words of appreciation from people of faith who appreciate the cultural stands we take and the way we take them. They let us know how grateful they are that we address moral and cultural and political issues from a Biblical perspective. Others, however, are not happy, telling me, “Your calling is the gospel, not politics.”

Is there merit to their concern? Allow me to provide you with 10 reasons why I address cultural and political issues. I hope this will prove helpful, as I have neither the need nor the desire to defend myself. My whole purpose is to be of service to you.

1) God called me to do this.

As a follower of Jesus and an ordained minister, the first and foremost reason I do anything in life is obedience to God. Like many of you reading this article, my goal is to please the Lord, to honor Him and to glorify Him. And so, my only question is, “Lord, what do You want me to do?”

Some people will love what I do; others will hate it. But my only goal is obedience to the Master, the one who purchased me with His own blood.

And just as He called me to (pastor a local church and) travel in evangelism, just as He called me to take the gospel to the nations; just as He called me to help spark revival in the Church — He also called me to do this, quite clearly and distinctly.

2) Why should believers have to look to the world for moral and social guidance?

All of us live in this world. All of us have to deal with social issues on a regular basis. Most all of us are involved in some level of political discussion. Most of us also vote. And who among us doesn’t have an opinion about President Trump?

Why, then, should Bible-believing followers of Jesus have to rely exclusively on Fox News or Tucker Carlson for helpful perspectives and insights? Why can’t there be (really, why shouldn’t there be) Bible-based commentary as well?

3) There are hundreds of thousands of others already preaching and teaching in our congregations. There is no shortage of preachers and teachers in America. There is no shortage of gospel-themed books and TV shows and podcasts and blogs. (Yes, we might debate the depth and quality of some of the content, but there’s surely content aplenty.) Why, then, must every ministry leader be consigned to the pulpit alone? Surely some can be called to speak to the culture as well.

4) We rightly resist the false separation of church and state.

The world is constantly saying to us, “Stay out of politics! Keep your hands off our culture! Remember the separation of Church and State!” In response, we say, “What our Founders intended was to keep the State out of the Church, not the Church out of the State.” Yet the moment some of us seek to bring the truths of Scripture into society, others in the Church say, “You’re mixing politics with religion! Stay with the gospel.”
We can’t have it both ways.

5) My ministry is literally flooded with questions about morals and issues.

This is something we didn’t ask for or seek out. It came to us by way of calling.

6) This is part of our prophetic calling.

Are we not called to be like the sons of Issachar who “understood the times and knew what Israel should do” (1 Chronicles 12:32)? Are we not called to hear God’s voice (through the Word and by His Spirit) and share what we hear with the world around us? Many believe that the Lord is judging our nation for her many sins. How, then, can it be, that we are not supposed to address the nation concerning those sins? How, then, can it be, that we are not to help the rest of the Body address those sins? How, then, are we not to provide a way of redemption and restoration?

7) This is part of being salt and light.

As salt, we provide a moral conscience to the society and we help preserve the society. As light, we expose darkness and show the way.
We will be hated and maligned and persecuted for this, but it is certainly part of our calling (see Matthew 5:10-16 among other passages).

8 ) I can address moral, cultural, and political issues and continue to preach and teach and take the gospel to the nations and reach out to the lost, least and the last. By God’s grace, I continue to do outreach; I continue to teach; I continue to preach in churches and at conferences; I continue to travel anywhere God opens the door.

9) The Bible addresses these issues.

In the days of slavery (or segregation) in America, did the Bible have something to say about it? How about today? Does God’s Word have anything to say about abortion? Human trafficking? Corrupt politics? LGBT activism?
Simply preaching through the Scriptures would force us to tackle many of these pressing issues.

10) Our children and grandchildren need answers.

Not only are pastors and congregants dealing with questions like this but our children (and their children) are as well. Virtually every day, they’re confronted with confusing messages on TV, online, at school, on the job, and among their friends, and if we don’t have answers for them, they’ll get them elsewhere.

A pastor in California recently said that none of his children, all older teens or young adults, agree with him on homosexuality, even though they were raised in the faith. It looks like the culture was more powerful than their upbringing — at least when it came to this subject.

Drag queens are reading to toddlers in libraries. Kindergarteners are sent mixed messages on gender. Teenage stars on reality TV take their viewers on a journey through sex change. Videos watched hundreds of millions of times on YouTube proclaim a very different gospel. Dare we sit idly by?

These, then, are just some of the reasons why I speak up and speak out, and by God’s grace, I’ll not step back an inch.

If you agree with me and find our ministry helpful, I want to thank you for your love, your kind words, your financial support and your prayers. Together, we are making a difference!

Thank you, Dr. Brown.
I wholeheartedly concur!
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Israel this February?

Time is running out!
Have you signed up to join me in Israel in February?
Prices go up $200 per person in November.
$3422 all inclusive, direct flights from Chicago to Tel Aviv, hotels, meals, entrance to all sightseeing and the deeply spiritual experiences you will have as you walk where Jesus walked and experience the places and sites of miracles both ancient and modern.
You’ll be forever grateful for this trip of a lifetime.
We limit our tours to 50 people, one bus, so you must sign up soon.
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Grampa’s Last Words


My grandfather, Preston Holmes died before I was born.
He was a WW 1 vet, injured in battle.
He was a preacher, a baker, chocolate maker, a farmer, a lover of family and hard work.
He was a man of GOD.
His last moments on earth were in a church business meeting.
The details of the discussion from the late 50’s are now long forgotten, but not his last words.
My grampa stood up and said, “I only have this to add. I believe, at all cost, we simply must keep the standard high!”
He sat down, bowed his head, and went to be with JESUS!
That, my friends, is a word for this sloppy, sinful, careless and calloused generation.
Standards of decency, morality and normalcy have slid into a morass of meaninglessness.
Standards of right and wrong, and good and evil are now mocked as old-fashioned jokes.
Standards of doctrine, theology, preaching and teaching have slipped from the heights of Scriptural purity to the depths of sinful pandering.
Thank GOD He still has left a remnant in His Church, those who will listen to the Scriptures and learn from the Spirit and lift up a standard!
Thanks Grampa Holmes!
Your Legacy lives on!! ❤
We will hold the torch high, we will not compromise, we still believe the BIBLE!
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