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A CHRISTmas 🎄 story…

A CHRISTmas🎄story that will make you cry then smile!

My last appeal for gifts 🎁 and toys🧸 .

We are down to just a few days!

Thank you for your generosity every year to bring joy to the faces & hearts of hundreds of kids and families on the Sunday before CHRISTmas🎄. This is only possible because of your wonderful hearts of caring and compassion to bless folks who cannot bless their own children.

I could share many stories like this every day, but just one today. A mother just informed us that she told her son they would “need a CHRISTmas miracle this year”. No money for any gifts or presents.

The very next morning they saw what we were doing. “We found our CHRISTmas miracle.”

Yes, that brings tears to my eyes. 😂

To help us make this happen at this point, you can drop off new, unwrapped gifts for all ages or you can make a cash donation and our elves will shop for you. Thank you so much and God bless you!

If you want to experience the joy of this incredible party centered around the Gospel of Jesus Christ, join us this Sunday morning.

Myles Holmes Ministries


Motivation-CHRISTmas 🎄

Monday Morning Motivational Moment


If this season makes you angry, frustrated, bitter, cynical, flustered & frazzled, you are into something, but it’s not CHRISTmas ❤️

You still have time to recalibrate & celebrate Jesus!

He is not just the Reason for the Season, He is the Centerpiece of Civilization, the Hinge-pin of History, the Prince of Peace.

And He is your only hope of Heaven.

Myles Holmes Ministries


Sunday 🎄❤️🙏

Sunday at Revive USA

9:15am Coffee ☕️ Bar

9:30am Faith Academy; classes for all ages

10:45am Revive Kids

10:45am “A CHRISTmas Worship Celebration”

Pastor Meagan Martin and our REVIVE Worship Team present the Music of this Holy Season.

Remember to bring your new, unwrapped gifts to prepare to bless our city.

Your family will bring your tithes and offerings to the manger, in loving adoration of our Savior.

After the service we will be dedicating our new digital sign to the glory of God, and placing in memory of Mark Buchheim.

Myles Holmes Ministries


The Poor at CHRISTmas 🎄

Remember the POOR at CHRISTmas 🎄 time.

Interesting fresh perspectives.

Middle and upper-class Americans tend to view the poor as lacking food, shelter and clothing.

But how do the poor view themselves?

All research proves that the poor see themselves primarily not lacking in these things, but as … shameful, fearful, isolated, voiceless, hopeless, and inadequate.

What a wonderful time for the Church of Jesus Christ, to share the love, the joy, the peace and the grace that is the heart of the message of CHRISTmas. 🎄

Bless your children with all kinds of toys and gifts, but also teach them with instruction and example that this is the season of giving, loving, sharing and caring.

We have one more week to bring in toys and gifts for all ages. Do your best to be as generous as possible … we still need thousands of gifts to share with hundreds of needy families. Bring in new unwrapped gifts. Or bring cash donations and our elves can go shopping for you.

You can also give online at but be sure to designate TOYS 🧸

And thank you from the bottom of our CHRISTmas 🎄 hearts!

Myles Holmes Ministries


CHRISTmas 🎄 Gifts 🎁

The greatest Gift ever laid in a manger, calls us to respond with our own gifts of love.

For this Sunday morning’s offering at Revive USA we are asking you to bring your CHRISTmas 🎄 offering, tithe, gift or sacrifice wrapped somehow to signify your family’s devotion to Christ. Put it in a gift 🎁 box or red card or wrapped in a bow, and bring it to the manger as a family.

This will be a very visible reminder to our families of our desire to keep Christ the center of our celebrations.

Above your tithes, you may designate a special gift to help us with our Compassion CHRISTmas 🎄 giveaway. Toys and gifts for all ages, new and unwrapped are still needed to spread the joy of the season to hundreds of families in need.

(You may also give online safely and securely at Be sure to designate TOYS 🧸)

Thank you for remembering that this season is about the greatest Gift, “🎶Joy to the world the LORD has come.🎶”

Myles Holmes Ministries


Tune in tonite

Battle of the Republic

Thursdays 7 pm at Facebook “Trump & The Great America”

Live, interactive and engaging show, we want to hear from you.


*Another Islamic jihadist terrorist killing in France.

*The Global Migration Pact

*President Donald J. Trump cancels White House CHRISTmas Press Party

*The Culture War rages on.

*Liberals WANT non-citizens to vote.

*A financial storm for Stormy Daniels, pay up!

*Border chaos continues.

*DNC chairman calls Christian “stupid”.

*Anti-Trump magazine may be folding.

And much more including, as always, a generous giveaway.

And we will PRAY for America 🇺🇸



Myles Holmes Ministries